Technology: Competing by Connecting–How Next-Generation Leaders Are Embracing a Networked Society in Their Business Ventures Case Solution & Answer

Technology: Competing by Connecting–How Next-Generation Leaders Are Embracing a Networked Society in Their Business Ventures Case Solution


Web 2.0 has the many benefits. It has been helpful for the businesspersons to market and advertise their products or services. Furthermore, it has not emerged with a budgeting cost for any business. In fact, companies can get feedback from the customers without any cost. Thus, it is not required by the company to invest in it. One more advantage is the accessibility of the Web 2.0 anywhere at any time. It also has provided a platform for the business. This platform is independent and users have easy access to reach it. It also accommodates with the different office suites that help employees in the organizations.


One of its weaknesses involves the speed of the access. It is required that the speed of the bandwidth would be high till we use it. However, it gets lower with the passage of the time. The second issue with the Web 2.0 is this that it can be interrupted any time without any warning. For example, if the website or any search engine has to be re-constructing at the emergency hence, it would have no worth for its user. Furthermore, it sometimes appears with some restriction for the use.


There are many possibilities for Web 2.0 to develop strategies through technological advancements. It can leverage its contribution to the further use of searching and connectivity. There are numerous channels that encourage users to develop their understanding through search engines. Furthermore, the social sites have raised the promotion of the products on the different social sites.


There is a big threat for the companies that their database can be insecure and the hackers can hack their confidential information through hacking.


From the above analysis, it has analyzed that the Web 2.0 is a very beneficial for the businesspersons. It helps them to attain their targeted goals. Furthermore, they have used its strengths like less cost investment, independence of the platform and easy access to the clients. Moreover, they knew about the weaknesses of the Web 2.0 and secured it has opportunities to overcome its weaknesses. The threat can also be minimized when the organizations will lead towards establishing the secured networks. Thus, leaders should continue the practices of Web 2.0 for marketing and advertisement and other purposes of the business like video or voice conferencing, emails, feedbacks of the customers or usage of different software and applications.


It is recommended to the Web 2.0 that it should continue its innovation in order to compete in the industry. Moreover, it needs to develop its clients that can remain loyal. However, it is difficult to maintain the customers due to numerous innovations in the industry. But they can be sustained through appropriate strategy development like they can make amendments in the features. Their features can be enhanced or the other products can be developed using its practices……………….

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