Meet the Team

To be fair to our team, whatever we are today, we are because of them and their hard work. Our team of researchers and writers have set up a benchmark for themselves and are always keen to outperform themselves, which ultimately helps in increasing the reputation of the company.

Like any other organization, our team members belong to different backgrounds and different fields of life, but together they work to extract the best results out of the best.

Welcome! This is our dedicated Team. Did we say that we would love to work with you? So dont be shy, get in touch!

Ellis Ashton

Research Work
Mr. Ellis Ashton, who is also known as the angry young man, because of his personality and dedication towards the work, leads the team. He is a master at research work. Half the research work in our organization is done by him, because of his interest in the field. And he never seems to get tired of it. And honestly speaking, we do not want him to feel tired either.

Kaela Jeff

Ms. Kaela Jeff, holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry and is also known as The Teacher among her colleagues. She is a born-writer. She likes to read books in her free time.

Jonas Peter

Discussions with the Bosses
Dr. Jonas Peter, also known as The Funny Guy is a smart-worker. He is known among his associates by this name because he has a round body structure. But don’t be quick in judging him on that. Dr. Jonas Peter is always busy in discussions with the bosses and his colleagues as to how can the performance of the organization increase more rapidly.

Miah Kaleb

Master at Writing
Ms. Miah Kaleb is a master at writing. The students, who do not ask for the writing services are usually assisted by her in helping them, write the essays and Case Solutions. But to her credit, she has also written many Case Solutions and essays for many students in the past.

Julien Ray

Contemporary Writing
Mr. Todd Ray is one of those few individuals who like to wander around the city. But when it comes to work, nobody is as dedicated as he is to it. He beats them all by miles. Contemporary writing is his style.

Jay Willie

PhD in Accounting
Dr. Jay Willie holds a PhD in Accounting. He handles the Case Solutions for accounting subjects. He is a highly dedicated and a sophisticated man. He was an ex- vice president of a private bank. Dr. Jay Willie with his services has brought a good name and reputation to the company for which we will always be thankful to him.

The Office

We recently moved the team to new office. Here is how it looks like if you work with us

Comfortable environment and top facilities have been made available for our team of writers, so that they can work in the most relaxing environment available in the industry.