Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America Case Solution & Answer

Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America Case Solution

Her team included Valerie McCarthy (previously director in public relation for Latin America) as the head of publicity, Stephan Grieder (executive produce at Channel V) as the programming leader, Donna Friedman (creator of Jornadas party) at an undefined place as well as she selected Janet Bryne as the VP of advertising sales along with Harry Neuhaus . All the recruiters were extremely influenced and motivated by Swan’s personality and leadership, due to which they were ready to put all their efforts for the success of the channel. Swan’s recruiting policy was focused on hiring the best of the best, and hence the policy was good, as more experienced and hardworking team was required when the new business had to be launched. Except for Bryne, all team members were extremely hard working and proved their excellence through team work, where as Bryne was unable to do so. Bryne could not work with other team members and tended to have a volatile temper. Along with her style, which did not suit Swan’s motive, she ignored follow-ups with clients and used tactics which were inconsistent with the brand. With all these reasons, Swan decided to find her replacement.

Swan’s personal strengths: The key features in Swan’s personality were that she was extremely enthusiastic, goal oriented, hard worker, extremely motivated, had charismatic leadership qualities, promoted team work, was able to overcome her weaknesses with her positive attitude and mind set as well as she possessed skills in which she was able to learn new things quickly.

Nickelodeon’s Creative Portfolio.  Nickelodeon was not only a cartoon channel for kids, but it also showed a variety of programs including live action, comedy, drama, animation, sports and music for kids belonging to the age group from 3 to 11 years. No other kid’s channel had this vast variety of programs for kids, which is why Nickelodeon was the most popular kid’s channel in the US along with its high popularity in 30 different countries.

Evaluation of the total Continent “Pan-Latin America Program” Vs Single Country Plan:In order to define the unique Nickelodeon Latin American identity, Swan and her team had to decide on how they would package the channel. Pan-Latin American Program was relatively easy, as Spanish was spoken and understood in all 16 countries of Latin America, due to which they could broadcast same Nickelodeon shows in all of these countries. However,the important fact was that there were three languages spoken in Latin America i.e. Spanish, English, and Portuguese. All countries had their culture and values. Therefore, broadcasting same channels in all these regions would not be a wise decision in the long run, due to this Single Country Plan was made where Swan’s team decided to make kids the face of their channel by investing more in programming and filming kids from different countries to capture their accents and lifestyles. This was relatively a better idea for the long run of the business given the cultural differences. Moreover, this would allow them to promote and celebrate each country’s uniqueness hence, promoting the value of their channel in the whole Latin America………………..

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