Talking Strategy at Greighton Partners Case Solution

Since its inception, the London-based private equity partner Creighton managed over $ 15 billion in capital from investors. The company employs about 150 professionals worldwide and has completed more than 175 acquisitions since its inception. It started with a small intimate team in London, the company merged with a company PE continental and managed, with a focus on Asia offers. After a long day of global meetings of the partners behind them, a group of partners Creighton, wanting to relax, met to discuss the success of the company in terms of the implementation of its newly refined strategy. Opinions varied through the following strategic themes: Asia footprint relative permanence over the company focused on Europe, led to greater efficiency or mid-market business focus to move from one level of competition for great deals against large corporations, growth and expansion through organic growth, merger / acquisition, or lateral recruitment and, finally, the mixture of the sectoral composition and focus on the customer / client.
Boris Groysberg,
Kerry Herman
Source: Harvard Business School
17 pages.
Date Posted: November 26, 2012. Prod #: 413031-PDF-ENG
Talking Strategy Creighton Case Solution Partners

Talking Strategy at Greighton Partners Case Solution
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