Taking Human Resources Seriously In Minneapolis Case Solution & Answer

Taking Human Resources Seriously In Minneapolis CASE SOLUTION

  1. Superintendent Green decided to change the reporting relationship of the HR director. How might this change lead to improved student learning?

Due to several factors, there was a need to change the reporting relationship of the HR director. Therefore, it is an advantage for an organization to take HR seriously and align the goals with the HR structure. This new structure will ensure the growth of the organization, if it is implemented successfully. It will help in reducing the threats and internal weaknesses of the organization and transparency of the hiring process. Transparency is important to prevent any biases and favoritism in the organization.

Superintendent Green decided to change the reporting relationship of the HR director.The new process was selected to build relationships with the new president of the union. This is an important task for the MPS and Pratt Cook to be accomplished.The new policy will make the HR structure strong and aligned with the goals. Therefore, the goalsbe come clear, and factors are considered to solve the issues.The new policy will have favorable impacts on MPS functions as well as students’ learning.

A major benefit of the new reporting relationship will improve the learning of the students by setting learning goals and making complementary strategies. School children will be motivated, encouraged and aligned with the learning goals. Students need praise from their teachers, which will improve their performances, with the help of right amount of knowledge. However, firstly;students require a gap between study hours to relax and secondly, every student is different in terms of learning abilities. Therefore, with the help of new policy; principles are required to monitor the students’ performances.

  1. Negotiations with the teachers union centered on the new policy, interview, and selection. What problem was this approach intended to solve? What was the theory of action behind this approach? How effective is the initial implementation?

The reasons behind the adoption of the interview-and-selection program are the grievances of teachers and students. There were lay-offs in response to the budget cut; therefore, existing teachers needed to work more than extra. Besides that, some schools were overcrowded by the number of students, and some were not fully utilized. Teachers had concerns over the efficiency and quality of principals and assistant principals.

Initially, when the idea was generated to change the policy; there was resistance from the principles and it took time to convince them. On the other hand,the contract was expired and negotiations were started for a new contract. Pratt Cook participated and led the negotiations to prevent any dissatisfaction for principles and for achieving the success. Cook realized the adverse effects of not leading the negotiation, which can affect the financial performance of the school badly.This idea was generated because of the existing weaknesses and threats.

There was a training program for interview-and-select teams, and for those who couldn’t attend in person; online programs were placed on the HR’swebsite. The curriculum for the training was prepared by the committee, which was consisted of: principals, teachers’union representatives and HR staff. There were constructive conflicts for finalizing the curriculum, as it was the first time when they all were working together on something; therefore, there were different ideas from different departments…………….

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