Taco Time Dream Grande Case Solution & Answer

Taco Time Dream Grande Case Solution

New product development:

The company is not deciding to go with single-store development programming, which only offers the fast foods such as; burgers, fries etc. But the company is more interested in operating and building another new brand (that is: Mexican Cuisine) in restaurant industry and taking a quick step to operate it as a multiple unit industry markets.

In new product development, the company is focusing Vancouver market in which Cantina is considering big growth. It is observed that, high-quality product is a vital key in development of a new product. Along with this, it requires certain collaboration in the development of innovative product and the need to bring it in a competitive place.

The company has two strategies in its product development, which are rebranding Taco as authentic Mexican food, instead of just a fast food outlet. The other is to become the fastest growing casual restaurant in the Canadian restaurant industry.


Interestingly, the research shows that Mexican Cuisine is very popular nowadays. Focus group participants were asked to rank the preferred food and the result shows 75% participants preferred to eat Mexican food. Pattenden estimated that forty percent of restaurant units are in the food court, which will help to increase the sales by an average number of 10%.

The research shows that the fast-casual restaurant business is always a trend; a research company tracks trends in Canadian restaurant that provide quick service trends and surety of success more than 20% than QSR. McDonald’s and Wendy’s have entered in this new business. According to press, sales have been increased to 2% in its second quarter in US restaurant market and the growth rate increased by 16% in 2002. The research shows that first target market is Vancouver, followed by Toronto.

The 4 Ps:


The company has decided to re brand and reposition its business because of new product development by comparing with other competitors and after conducting a large research. Therefore, it was observed by Calgary’s campaign based on the usage of per day platters, Taco Time Dream decided the price of $ 6 for the company’s new product line of Mexican Cuisine, which also includes; rice, salads, and beans.


Previously, the company used to serve fast food only. Now it has decided to increase its restaurant in a fast casual restaurant under Cantina banner, and to become the fastest service provider in the line of restaurants segment. Along with this, the company has decided to develop the new product by making changes in its current fast and to convert it into authentic Mexican food by effective repositioning and rebranding of taco.


Pattenden believes that the enthusiasm is increasing by the positive response of growing preference for its ethnic taste in consumers. He also elaborated that he wants to position himself as the authentic deliverer of Mexican dishes.


What happens is that some business sectors come to the heart of the matter where there isn’t any space for a burger or a sub place. Therefore, there is a chance for them to enter the Mexican food market. For the promotion, it uses radio to promote its new product that runs for 48 weeks on one station and results in targeting 18 to 49 people by saturating 30 seconds on one station……………….

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