Existing Policies

Apart from this, another body has been established to address the disparity anddiscriminationamong black and whites in the healthcaresector.In 1965, the Medicare program established in the US reduced the financial barrier for the person aged 65 years or above particularlyblack, in order to make them have better access to medicalservicesand get treated under covered insurance policy.

Theprogram made the hospital to comply with the Title IV oftheCivilActs of 1964.It mentioned that one has toremove from the healthcarebenefits based on the race, ethnicity, color, national region and other factors. Thisplayed a great role in offering equal rights to black and Hispanic, improving the overall situationand healthcare disparities. Also, such lead to desegregating the hospitals, developing a uniform policy in the market.

According to the survey conductedin 2000, the Medicare program greatly improved the situation for the older people aged between 65 and above.Also, according to research, it has been found that since the black woman reaching the age of 60 years developed mammogram. The program helped her to get easy access to the potential healthcare providers. However, it has also been found that though the program helped to improvise the practices, yet it failed to eradicate the racialdifferences that have become the mindset of the people, making it difficult to deal.

In addition, though Medicareoffered adequate support to the Hispanic and the Black in getting covered insurance and medical aid, however, it hasbeen deduced that in comparison to Whites, the Blacksremained at the low end in receiving the healthcare benefits. Also, it has been deduced that though the program tried to cover the full expense of the blacks, yet it remained the secondary option for the population.


Perhaps, in order to imply the above policy, the Medicaid collaborated withthelocal bodyand the federal government to implementthe process inall the hospital of US.In fact, it has been the federal policy that addressed the discrimination and its severity in the region.

However, since it has been noticed that the program remained a secondary option for the Black due to the non-acceptance of the policyfully by the hospitaland the management, it is suggested that the government and the program manager shoulddeveloptheinfrastructure and control system to see the performance of eachhospital under the given policy.

  1. In doing so, it should address the change of not coveringall the medical areas such as dental care, long term care and severe diseasetreatment such as cancer by developing a strong association withthelocal ENGOs or the private body to offer donations to these hospitalsthat will help them maintain the cost of the operationsand overall healthcare.
  2. In addition, to address the issue of inpatient care and minor chargesuch as appointment fees, the Medicaid should offer the subsidy to these healthcareproviders that have allowed them to cover the cost and also have motivated to offer full free services in order to achieve tax saving and government aid.
  3. Lastly, to make the program more successfulin among the aged social group, it is recommended that the body should have developed a strong control and monitorteam, that will gauge the performanceof the each hospital with regards to the admission rates of the Hispanics and the frequency along with the qualityof treatment offerd.IN doing so, the team may havethe access to raidthe hospital or may visithospital as the mystery guests, in order to gauge the association and adherence of the hospital with the policy given………………..

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