System Infrastructure at Google Case Solution & Answer

System Infrastructure at Google Case Solution


Google was not much affected from the economical changes as it has economical stability in most major markets of the world. Furthermore, the rapid growth of the developing countries has created a new momentum for Google that it can exploit. These opportunities can be utilized by Google for the global expansion. (Gupta, 2013)


Social Factors have profound effect on Google’s business. The increase use of internet had become a threat for the company in predicting the way customer’s respond. Furthermore, the rising diversity of users is an opportunity for the company to enhance its services to meet the individual requirements.(Gupta, 2013)


The rapid technological changes are major threats for a company to overcome. Google’s business nature is highly innovative based which is also difficult to maintain. Furthermore, the company has well established infrastructure which might overcome certain technological changes. (Gupta, 2013)


The growing interest in sustainable business has posed an opportunity for the company. Google can improve the firm’s ecological impact in order to improve the customer response. As the companies are now paying more attention to contribute in the ecological enhancement hence, the company should also attempt to make its contribution towards the better ecological conditions. (Gupta, 2013)


Legal environment could affect the way of doing business. The company should improve its privacy measures in order to protect individual users. Furthermore, the company may also develop innovative measures that can help to discourage people from violating intellectual property rights. (Gupta, 2013)

Problem Identification:

Google had confront a leadership challenge, as it was difficult for the company to find and hire engineers who would also possess managerial skills in addition, the management also had to decide how to place the engineers in the managerial position as some of the engineers had a superior perspective and didn’t want to work with those engineers who are better than them.

Google wanted to hire engineers in the managerial positions in order to have greater control and assistance over the infrastructure as Google is kind of engineered firm. Moreover, it is quite rare that the person is an engineer and possesses managerial skills as well. Furthermore, the nature of the job was complex and required the work to be done in limited time.Moreover, the well competent employees were not willing to work with someone greater than them as they didn’t want to get back and slowed down due to the more skilled person.


The management of the company had emphasized to build the leadership skills within the employees so that they could be able to well perform the managerial tasks. Therefore, the company had continuously introduced managerial practices. Furthermore, the management decided to bring more Engineer Directors in the team in order to help the company in their infrastructure’s projects.

However, the company should hire some Managerial Personnel so that they could train the engineers to adapt the managerial mindset in order to manage the teams. By hiring the Management professional the company would be able to shape the engineers in the managerial job nature thus, by increasing the creativeness among engineers. Furthermore, the management should also enhance the credibility among the engineers so that they could be able to work with other competent employees.(Ziarab Mahmood and Muhammad Basharat, 2012 )……………..

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