Sykue Bioenergya Case Solution

This Case is about  ENTREPRENEURSHIP

PUBLICATION DATE: September 30, 2011 PRODUCT #: 412062-HCC-ENG

Sykue Bioenergya case solution

Colour instances ought to be printed in colour to optimize their effectiveness. Sykue Bioenergya (Sykue) was created in April 2006 with the aim of assemble four 30 megawatt (MW) bioelectricity power plants in Brazil’s Bahia state, 1,500 kilometers north of Sao Paulo. In the month of November 2010 the first plant was on-line and Electricity Purchasing Arrangements (PPAs) had been signed for 27 MW of the 30 MW capability. In spite of this achievement, but the four years between concept and execution were trashed with direction drawbacks, including plenty of debt, dearth of capital, and increased doubt among customers and future investors about the capacity of the job. This case is instructed in Energy executive education seminars and the HBS executive education International Agribusiness. The case is also suitable for the organizational congruence module of the first year MBA course Leadership and Organizational Behavior, and second year MBA electives Innovation Management and Top Energy Companies.

Sykue Bioenergya Case Solution
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