Supply Chain Outsourcing at DB Toys Case Solution

The case is based on a true decision of the management of outsourcing to a supply chain manufacturing company. The company has been disguised for reasons of confidentiality. The case relates to the different types of outsourcing, managing the supply chain, the benefits and risks of outsourcing, and different pricing models for outsourcing contracts. Students must take a management decision and answer these questions: Is the supply chain outsourcing a viable option for the Base of toys? What is the return on investment will be? What is the best model of outsourcing? What is the best pricing model?
Mark Jeffery,
David Bibb,
Michael Dowhan,
Daniel Gracia
Lisa Jackson,
Woody Maynard,
Derek Yung,
Steve Johnson
Source: Kellogg School of Management
24 pages.
Publication Date: January 1, 2006. Prod #: KEL256-PDF-ENG
Supply Chain Outsourcing Solution Case DB Toys

Supply Chain Outsourcing at DB Toys Case Solution
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