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For instance, the sustainable growth of the cotton helps the companies to reduce their material sourcing costs by around 30% to 40% of the total costs.Most of the companies today are collaborating and forming partnerships with their suppliers to add new features to their existing products. An example of this could be that most of the new products which could be sustainable for the companies could be produced by simply fewer inputs from the natural resources such as making the use of the dyes which require less use of water for their washing.

Along with this, companies today have also started to address the supply chain issues associated with procurement and sourcing of materials by simply shifting their entire supply chains to the point of sale locations. As a result of shifting the supply chains close to the point of sales, the impact on the environment as a result of the transportation of the materials is reduced. The new sustainable programs associated with material sourcing and procurements are helping the companies to build trust among their customers and credibility with their external stakeholders.

Toxic Discharge

            In order to meet the economic and the social goals of the world community, it is highly important to make the use of chemicals substantial and sustainable. There are many industries around the world were the issue of toxic discharge is graving damage to the health of the humans, reproductive outcomes and the external environment. Therefore, the organizations around the world have been working towards a sustainable management of the toxic chemicals and reducing their toxic discharge.

For instance, the 2030 agenda which has been prepared for the Sustainable Development highlights that in order to transform the world all the member nations around the globe need to work together in order to reduce the impact of the chemical discharge and urban activities which are highly hazardous for the humans and the environment (Hopp, 2011). This could be done by recycling and the reduction of the waste, more efficient use of the water and energy resources, safe use of the chemicals and waste management.

The toxic discharge is highly hazardous for the life of the humans, animals and the overall environment. According to one of the reports, there are about 200 million people around the world who are at the risk of toxic discharge. This study also states that there are around tens of thousands of women and children around the world who are at risk as a result of the toxic dumping. Most of the developed nations around the world are also a part of this severe problem (Brigss, 2011).

There are a range of sustainable practices, which have been adopted by the companies in the major industries around the world to mitigate the risks and the hazards associated with toxic discharge. These include the recycling, reusing, avoiding the generation of intractable wastes, encouragement of waste minimization practices, promotion and support of treatment and educational programs and disposal treatment.One of the most evident examples is that of the Nike’s chemistry program and they have been working on sustainable toxicity reduction since the 1990s and in 2004 as well (Hallam, 2010).

Most of the companies have adopted precautionary sustainable practices which recognize the fact that actions should be taken in the face of scientific uncertainly.These practices also lay out the corporate practices such as identifying the high priority chemicals for action. However, there are many barriers which are hindering the adoption of sustainable practices in handling toxic discharge even in the developed countries of the world………………..

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