Sunshine Juice Case Solution

This Case is about  MANAGEMENT

Twobest friends, Meagan and Erin, started a juice stand in summer 2013 by the name of “Sunshine Stand”. The juice standwas available in farmer’s markets, and also in different recreational events in the locality. The Juice Stand was accepted by Evansville Community. As the season was near its end time Meagan and Erin decided to find a way to promote the juice throughout the year. Both of them decided to do a thorough research of market before taking any further decision.
Sunshine Juice case solution

The research gave them the idea to follow cold-press process. It would provide nutrient juice which can be bottled. Although they had big dreams to start the project. However they had very little financial resources to bolster their quest for selling the juice throughout the year. Meagan gave the idea of Kick starter, a platform to raise funds. The community played its role in making the juice stand as well as expanding the operations.

Evansville community has played a very big role in embracing the cross- press juice. The community remained very supportive of our efforts.

Sunshine Juice Case Solution
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