Johnson acted as an intermediator

Under the role of a supervisor, the responsibility of Johnson included serving as a controller of Eden and Abraham to get things better for work and to achieve an overall objective of the project through collaborative work. He was a negotiator by personality and had an ability to apply the conditions suitable for both the parties under the act of conflict. The perfect example of acting as a mediator was when Eden ordered Abraham to work overtime because of unavailability of the workers for the next two days.

In contrast, Abraham didn’t listen to him and rejected the order while Johnson was aware of such event. He quickly negotiates the conflict by listening to Eden first and asking about the reason.He explained the reason to Abraham and requested him to focus on work. Abraham immediately agreed to him and resumed the working criteria that he should do to achieve an overall objective. So, such behavior clearly illustrates that Johnson had no conflict with any of these players of the new project.

Question 2

According to the key highlighted issues aroused within the project’s implementation phase, it has determined the lack of communication between all the workers and contributors. Also, a decrease in the team building scenario was happening in the workplace. The major issues were the different perceptions and personality styles of each player working for anarmy based work project. Under the management’s perspective, it is analyzed that it had a lack of ability to negotiate with the parties subjected to conflict.

Therefore, to overcome the problem, differences in the opinions and actions of Eden and Abraham should be analyzed and propose a solution to satisfy both of themregarding meeting the requirements. The central part of this role would be performed by Johnson due to hisintermediary nature. Thus, to get things better, Johnson should first gather the differences in personalities of Eden and Abraham and then try to find a way to approach a similar strategy and action suitable for Eden as well as Abraham.

In addition to that, a proper adoption of the culture should be made through aset of rules and regulations that are strict to follow by each player. Moreover, the problems would not be addressedadequately in a shorter period. Thus, it should be recognized as a major challenge for the future consideration and would handle in a proper way under the unexpected directions of Johnson.

On the other side, if the conflicts would recognize the significant impact to destroy the particular project then it can be said that Eden and Abraham would be out of the company’s duty. In the eye of Johnson, the project could include a severe issue and could be a disaster enough to destroy the objectives of the project.

Additionally, if proper culture of strict rules and regulationsisimplemented, then it would allow managing the conflicts properly and on time before it could go to worst. Therefore, to make things better for the company as well as for the project, Johnson should implement the strategy of providing a strong cultural aspect to the related parties and allow them to apply the same objective with the work to be done properly, free from conflicts and other matters. If thesudden course of action is made, then it can be assessed that an overall objective of an army-based project would be achieved on time and allow each participant to manage things correctly……………

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