Al Abram

He is unable to handle the pressure at work and the way it was conducted. He does not like to get interrupted while he is doing his work. He likes to work at his own pace. He does not consider Eden as his boss. It may be because he has more knowledge than him regarding the work on the operating system.  Therefore, he rejectedthe proposal of Eden that the operating system would not meet the specificationsrequired by the government.

He is also annoyed with the leadership skills of Eden. As a Chief programmer, he wants to be involved in decisions which affect this computer’s project, therefore he gets angry at times when Eden used to ask about the progress of the report.

He also seems not to listen to anyone when he has made up his mind on any issue. For instance, when Eden asked about the name of the programmer once, he got angry because he thought that the management wanted to replace him.

Harrison Johnson

He is the only person who was there to resolve the conflictsbetween them. He is a cool person who listens to both the individuals and try to come up with a solution that would be acceptable to both the parties. He tried to cool Abram down when Eden objected on his specifications of the operating system. He also heard both the views of Abram and Eden on the issue of overtime, and decided about the most effective solution which was acceptable to both Abram andEden. He also consulted with Abram about the benefits of involving Eden Haul into the project assuring him that he is not involved to threaten his job but only for the benefits his experience could provide us. 

The problem, hefaces that he is not the direct line manager of Eden and Abram, therefore he cannot order them to do work and the project was on the stage where it could cause problems if any of the team members leave the job.

Both Eden and Abram had different background which may have made them complete different personalities to each other.Abram has worked normally worked individually with little or no supervision over him. On the contrary, Eden has been exposed to high work load jobs. During his career, he had been the in chargeof groups and does not seem to enjoy the relationships of subordinates with their bosses. He likes to supervise and does not involve employees in previous jobs. Overall, these two seems to be different by the way their experiences have developed them and there is no common point present which can be used to reconcile their differences.

Also identify any circumstances that may have contributed to the development of those conflicts and problems?


There are many factors that cause the problems between the individuals which are as follows:


            As the supervisor of the project, Eden has to get the work completed on time for the government of the United States of America. However, Abram was unable to do the work as he was not allowed to work on the machinewhen the subcontractors are doing their work……………….

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