Strong Tie Ltd. Case Solution

The CEO received the 2008 financial statements for the proposed strong link, a manufacturer of structural connectors used in the construction industry. He began to question the performance of the company when compared to previous years. What benefit has remained due to intense price competition in the industry? Attempts have been made to reduce costs through increased automation of payment? When the current problems in the U.S. housing market will continue reducing demand for connectors? How lenders respond to this poor performance? No finance company at risk? After long discussions with the strong bond CFO, was an outside consultant should be hired to provide an independent analysis of the recent evolution of the company and decided to make suggestions for the future.
Dan Thompson
Source: Ivey Publishing
5 pages.
Release Date: February 3, 2012. Prod #: W11712-PDF-ENG
Strong Tie Case Solution Ltd.

Strong Tie Ltd. Case Solution
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