Stress Management Case Solution & Answer

Stress Management Case Solution


Stress is general and natural responses (physical or mental) that our body gives for certain or uncertain changes in various situations of our life. The degree of these responses could vary from person to person. It could be caused because of various reason like different daily inconveniences with regards to work, home, and finances etc. Stress could be positive and effective like when it help to prepare someone for upcoming situations in life, but often it impacts negatively and could be harmful for physical or mental health of an individual (Crum, 2020). A higher degree of stress could resist someone to be happy and productive, therefore it is necessary for everyone to have a control over their stress levels. Stress is not recognized easily but there various signs which helps to identify than an individual is having stress, these signs could be behavioural, emotional, physical or psychological. After identifying that, it is important to check the degree of stress, if it is impacting negatively then it is necessary to bring down the stress level by using various techniques. There are various stress management techniques that should be adopted by everyone in order to not let their stress levels impact their mental or physical health.

Findings and Discussion

Stress is general and natural response (physical or mental) that our body gives for certain or uncertain changes in various situations of our life. There are two types of stress: acute and chronic. Chronic stress harms children’s development. It can also cause heart and brain disease. If they are stressed out all the time, it can affect their performance at school, work, and home. This can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, and depression.

Acute stress is a temporary, brief state of mental distress that usually ends within three days (Baltzer, 2019). If it lasts longer than three days, the patient may have a disorder that is more serious than acute stress. Acute stress is a common condition that results from a stressful event. The person experiencing this disorder will experience intense feelings and thoughts, as well as an inability to function normally. Symptoms of acute stress disorder can range from minor annoyance at the doorbell to serious concerns about job performance.

Causes of Stress

There are many factors that cause us to be stressed, including work and family. Often, stress is caused by a single big issue or a collection of small pressures. Out of many sources of stress, and not all of them are completely avoidable, like the death of a loved one or a serious illness. It is important to identify the sources of stress in daily life. They should try to avoid those people that are making them to feel stressed.

Stress Identification

Although everyone experiences stress differently, most of us recognize the signs of stress. In addition to physical symptoms, stress can also affect a person’s mental state. These symptoms can affect the way that a person acts and thinks. For example, if a person is consistently anxious and irritable, this could be a sign of stress. The signs of anxiety can also show up as changes in their lifestyle and mood.

If they have difficulty falling or staying asleep at night it is sometimes caused by stress. Some of the physical symptoms of stress include chest pain and a racing heart. One of the most common symptoms of stress is mood swings. Those with high levels of stress may have symptoms of depression, fatigue, and high blood pressure…………………………

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