Strategy Assignment Covid-19 Case Solution & Answer

Strategy Assignment Covid-19

Question 2

AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical firm with a focus on patients and a global reach. Covid-19 has attacked the entire community quiet rigorously. This increases the destruction of human and capital losses. The increase in death ratio has created the drastic impact in the people’s life and made them extra conscious to their quality of life. AstraZeneca and Oxford College has collaborated to create and fabricate a Covid19 immunization, with the point of efficiently manufacturing up to 100m portions by year-end on the off chance that it tends to be demonstrated to be viable. AstraZeneca has been performing quite well for the years in saving people’s life by developing the most effective and quality managed vaccines. The company was quite sure of its ingredients and dosages and treat its researchers quite well. The company trained its clinical humans quite well and made sure that every supply and production network follows the same protocols and management techniques. Later, the company has partnership with the oxford to expand its clinical trials and research team. It has been seen that during the development stage of the collaboration, the organization has gone through the communication issues with the oxford which has decreased the efficacy of the vaccines and disrupt the company reputation.

So in my opinion, the partnership of AstraZeneca with the oxford didn’t seems to happen the wise move because of the management and communication issues. The communication issues have truly affected the course of events of when AstraZeneca’s antibody would arrive at various markets. The reason behind the issue was the U.S. preliminary trial was stopped for weeks last year because on the grounds that it required investment for the organization to offer the FDA information showing that the immunizations had not caused the neurological issues found in two members. At that time, there was also some supply issues due to poor management. (Cross, 2021)

It has been setup that the full dosages of the immunization by all account seemed to be just 62% viable at forestalling illness, while a half portion, trailed by a full portion, was around 90% compelling. The organization just later conceded the different dosing regimens depended on a mishap, even as it protected the thoroughness of the preliminaries in general. It has been revealed that the University of Oxford has some communication issues and they did not tell the correct efficacy of dosage to its trials partners.

Therefore, the disruption in communication issue between the University of Oxford and its clinical trials has decrease the overall importance of the AstraZeneca research and vaccine development. This shows the lacking in management system and communication protocols which should have proposed properly. The human health is extremely precious. The area of research needs constant care and quality management protocols because any minor lacking in such area would lead to continuous disruption. So in my opinion, the partnership does not bring the safe success for the organization and disrupt the reputation of the company instead. The company should have make the partnership wisely because it totally depends upon the overall reputation of the organization in such peak pandemic times. (Garrison, 2020)


AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical firm with an emphasis on patients and a worldwide reach. The company are presently moving into another period of our innovation because of persistent pipeline conveyances and business execution. This is focused on superior advancement and the drawn out appropriation of life-further developing medications that support patient results and involvement in medical services.

Covid-19 has attacked the entire community quiet rigorously. This builds the obliteration of human and capital misfortunes. The expansion in death proportion has made the uncommon effect in individuals’ life and made them extra conscious to their life. AstraZeneca has performed quite well in the production of vaccines by taking care of all the management and quality standards quiet well. This has helped the entire community and made the company number first mover in the innovation and R&D. Later, the company has developed the partnership with Oxford University and faced several issues in terms of management, quality and communication….

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