Strategic report Bloomberg LP Case Solution & Answer

Strategic report Bloomberg LP Case Solution 

 Raise funds for expanding business

If Bloomberg LP intends to raise cash to finance the expansion of the business, it ought to investigate the number of choices. In the US, funding growth of business through geographic expansion is impressively lower as compared to borrow reserves for an overseas venture.

Change management

The success of expansion strategy is based on compelling strategies for management of change which incorporates communication & collaboration, transparency, participation and interest of employees. In reference to theory of change represented by Lewen, the company should highlight the significance of implementing change inside an organizational for the sustainability and long term viability within the competitive marketplace. The change process must involves creating the perception that a change is of high importance and is required for successful delivery of growth strategy. The structure of organization must encumber the sustainability and growth of company and creates more prominent benefits that would result in less hierarchical as well as supervisor-free structure.

At the refreeze stage of the Lewen’s change theory, after implementation of new organizational structure, Bloomberg LP must ensure that the employees and staff of the company are performing well and the new organizational structure has provided the expected results. (Cummings, 2015).

Indicating to the McKinsey 7S model, the company would have to change the organizational structure to Holacracy in which the completely open structure would be actualized and everyone would act like a supporter and pioneer, thus expanding the level of inclusion and responsibility. CEO and company’s top management would be required to strengthen it and made it a part of the corporate culture. There would be the lead joins person who would relegate the parts and duties to workers but would not tell them what to do.(Nitin Nohria, 2019).

Address challenges of implementing change

The method of change implementation bring different challenges inside an organization which tend to range from lack of participation from employees, lack of collaboration and communication, resistant to change, the culture lacking visibility into the process of change. In respects to effectively initiating change the company is prompted to follow Kotter Steps to Alter, which are mentioned below:

  • A convincing dialogue must be open by leader and try to understand of its staff and workers require a need for change.
  • The company must bring together a coalition, group or team as well as design strategies to accomplish the objectives to successfully lead the change within the company.
  • The company must recognize value central to change and present a brief summary on what could be expected as the future of company in the highly competitive industry.
  • The company must design plan for the visible improvements in productivity and performance. Reward and recognize employees to meet their targets and to boost their morale.
  • The company must use an increased credibility to change structure, process and system that do not fit their vision and set goals and objectives as well as strive for continuous improvements.

Minimize risks and threats

There are different ways through which the company can minimize the threats and risks in change implementation, to successfully deliver the strategy such as dialogue – two way discussion about change, cultivate the culture of collaboration and communication, create systematic plan of communication, include staff and workers in the change development strategy, shift ownership of planning change implementation to the company’s employees to spread the enthusiasm for the change. In doing so, the company would be able to effectively actualize change inside an organization and yields greater advantages from the strategy of geographic expansion.

Effective information strategy

The ability to be more resilient to shocks and quickly learn and adapts in the face of adverse situations provides string foundation of seizing the greater market share. The company needs to become bionic not only for making standalone digital improvements but to intentionally human & technologically capabilities. Hence, Bloomberg LP must align and inspire team and groups, launch right digital initiative, build capabilities as well as build processes and mindsets to sustain the digital advantage. Furthermore, the strategic information systems must be developed by company in response to corporate business initiative. The strategic information system would lead to cost reduction and competitive advantage to company.


A sustainable business strategy plays inevitable role in providing competitive edge to company over the market rivals because of the fact that it contributes to the health of structure within which the company operates, thereby helping construct an environment in which the company would thrive and prosper. In addition to environmental and social advantages, this is significantly important for companies to incorporate sustainability into decision making process which could reap number of financial benefits and attract more interest from shareholders or investors which is the key to long-term profitability of the business. Thus, the company must maintain current structure of corporate social responsibility as part of the business operations, thus accelerating its CSR efforts.

In addition to this, the company ought to environmentally sustainable culture. It would lead to different benefits to the company which incorporates: cost effectiveness, increased operational consistency, compelling social impact and improve reputation and image of the organization. Besides, the company ought to coordinates CSR into value, vision and mission of the company. Furthermore, the company must set up particular objectives.

The sustainability is considered to be the valuable business approach to make long term esteem by taking into consideration how a given company works in social, natural and environmental environment. Along with this, the employees, investors, policy makers, customers and shareholders willing to engage with the organization, conduct the operations of business in environmentally friendly and sustainable manner as well as abide by ethical business practices.

In number of countries, the corporate social responsibility among local and public societies is attaining more importance. Being environmentally friendly and socially responsible organization could bolster the reputation and image of the company and build its brand. Given the tug towards CSR, the program of CSR must reflect the business values of an organization while addressing the social, humanitarian & environmental challenges.

To excel in the near future; the company must create value not only for shareholders or investors but also for the society and environment as a whole by confronting the hardest humanity challenge. The tech organization are pressurized to demonstrate the strong leadership in the arena of business ethical as well as social responsibility. Hence, the business leaders of the company must inspire and empower the workers and employees in order to meet these imperatives head on. There are various benefits of investing money in the corporate social responsibility which are listed below;

  • The image of the corporate would be improved……………
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