Strategic Choices as Salvation or Road to Disaster: Mondo OtticaSrl (A), LBS Case Study Solution

In my opinion MOS should focus extensively on the semiconductor market, because in modern era; there is a vast usage of personal computers, laptops and mobile phones and micro chips used in these products are made from optical by using light waves, having wave lengths that seem close to X-Rays, helping in making them faster and less power consuming.

MOS must consider the revolution that is about to take place in the smart phone industry and according to which, it must make investment decisions. In addition to that there were leading industry equipment manufacturers contacted MOS such that they can help with their expertise for manufacturing X-Ray optical systems. In order to minimize the uncertainty or any mishap; a general survey was conducted which showed that this option will work positively. Furthermore this proposal was evaluated carefully and it was observed that it can done by using only one machine installing at the factory which seems to be a good idea to implement as it might not increase the cost of capital expenditure which was required for space telescopes which were supposed to be on the space and there was no chance of upgrading and in result of that cost was very high. In this case when the machine is always accessible maintenance and upgrading can be done any time to the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Point of concern was the confidence and consent of investors for the purpose of investment because investors may not be able to invest if they are not positive for the future benefits they can get from this project moreover there was a need of extensive investment which means putting all your eggs in one basket and if it doesn’t fulfill the expectation, it would turn turn into a disaster for the company, especially for the investors………………………….


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