Store Operations Case Solution & Answer

Store Operations Case Solution

Answer no. 1:

In operations management red flags are basically indicators for some alarming situations in future. For operations management red flags indicates for potential hindrances in the operations of a business.

From the given dataset it could be analyzed that although everything seems good and there are no hindrances in the operations of the business but in the week 6 it can be easily determined that the number of Available Captains have drastically decreased as compared to their availability in other weeks. So this is a red flag for the operations.

This drastic change could have been caused by various reasons like there are chances that the demand would have increased in the market that led to the decre4ased availability of the captains. Or it could have decreased because of uncertain climate changes or political uncertainties like due to strike. So there could be any reason behind this decreased availability.

As a response to such red flag the company need to take actions in a way that any potential hindrances to the business operations could be avoided previously. In the given scenario these actions could be like taking earlier orders and do proper planning for their deliverywith a backup plan as well. Or it is also possible to avoid such potential hindrances by hiring more personnel as a Captain.

Answer no. 2:

In operations management go live planning is done in order to take and plan initial actions required to start a new operation or keep up with the changes in current operations. Here in the given scenario the store requires go live planning for the launch of its new dark stores and get the stores ready. Dark stores are kind of stores to which their orders are made online covering territories with high demand.

The go live planning must include the following steps.

Store layout planning:

For the launch of dark stores a store layout planning is the very crucial step. This step involves planning for the space that it would require to store its inventories. For dark stores larger space are required. Also the stores’ location must be in regions with great population. The delivery time and greater population factors should be the main concerns before planning for store locations.

Process manuals:

In this step the site of the store should be designed on the basis of the product’s size and nature. For e.g. allocation of required space, staff, equipment, temperature regimes on the basis of the nature of product.

Inventory replenishment planning:

For an online grocery business as dark stores inventory replacement is one of the biggest challenges and in this step a proper order and inventory management system should be effectively implemented to make sure that every details about the quantity and quality of available inventory is updated for the online management of the store…………………………

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