Brand Positioning Strategy of Stella McCartney:

Brand’s positioning strategy can be defined as the position that an organization wants to achieve in the eyes of its customers.

Stella McCartney wants to be perceived as a market leader in the fashion industry; It wants to be recognized as an eco-friendly company operating in thefashion industry.

Unique Selling Point of Stella McCartney:

Unique selling point is referred to as what the customers of Stella McCartney will get from Stella which the competitors are not offering.

Stella McCartney’s unique selling point is that it provides the fashion products which are free from any animal products(Fournier, 1998).This is also known as environment-friendly. Unique selling points can be used as the slogan of the organization; Stella can use its eco-friendly policy as a slogan to appeal its target market.

Here is the six-step framework for Stella McCartney to define its Unique Selling Point:

1: Identification of Target Market:

Before proposition of the unique selling point, it is crucial that Stella identifies the class and type of customers which it wants to attract(Hampf & Repo, 2011). Its target market can be the people who are conscious about the eco-friendly products.

  1. Clarify the Issue:

Here Stella McCartney should identify what the problem they are going to resolve, i.e. the ecological concern they are considering.

  1. Explanation of the benefit:

Over here, Stella will address the benefits which its customers will get from its products, which the competitor’s products fail to provide.

  1. Make a Promise:

Stella should then make a commitment to its customers that the company will fulfil above mention benefits.

  1. Uniting:

In this part, Stella should combine and merge all the above-stated steps into one paragraph.

  1. Scale down:

Here Stella McCartney will cut back the above-madeitem to just one sentence. Stella should be more precise and concise in this part of proposing a unique selling point.

Brand’s Competitors:

The main competitors of Stella McCartney are Jil Sander Celine, because both the competitors are producing fashion items which are very similar to both of Stella McCartney.(Heding, et al., 2008)Apartfromselling the similar fashion products, Celine is also following the strategy of providingeco-friendly fashion products which avoid the use of leather and fur.

Points of Parity and Differentiations

Points of parity normally are the attributes of the products which are similar to the characteristics of the product which the competitor is offering. The interesting part about points of parity is that customers don’t select brand because of the presence of points of parity but will drop the nameby points of parity.

Points of differentiations are related to aspects which distinguish the organization from its competitors. If the group is offering products which are different from its competitor, this will enhance its position in the market.

Stella McCartney is operating in an industry which is very delicate because there are many brands which are offering the fashion products similar to each other. Almost all fashion brands produce products which are trending in fashion. If they launch products which are out of fashion or obsolete, soon they will lose their position in the market. However, it should be critically assessed what is trending in the market. Also, Stella McCartney should develop its products in such manner that distinguish itself from the market(Joseph, 2013)………………………

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