Statistics Assignment Case Study Solution

Explain how you reviewed your data for accuracy

It is highly important that the data set does not contain any problems which might invalidate our future analysis. First, all the variables in the data set have been checked for outliers. The calculations have been performed in the data set file. It could be seen that the quarterfinal range of all the variables is within the upper and lower bounds, therefore, there are no outliers in the data set.

Another important assumption for performing the exploratory analysis such as regression analysis is that the independent variable should be normally distributed. This assumption has been tested by generating normality of the data on a graph. The graph in the excel shows that the independent variable is normally distributed. Therefore, this shows that the Gross domestic income variable could be used as an dependent variable in our further exploratory analysis and similarly all the other economic variables could be used as dependent variables.

Finally, we have also tested the independent variable for data entry issues. Since, the data is small and it has been taken from the external and authentic sources therefore, there is no missing data for any of the variables.

Explain how you critiqued the appropriateness to your field of study (i.e. your Master’s program)

This research problem as identified above is appropriate to the field of my study which is Masters of Science in Unmanned Systems. The aerial strikes of US are a form of an unmanned system which is creating problems for the other economies. This has been analyzed in this research study.

Explain the process you will use to interpret statistical outcomes.

The specific tests and models which would be used for this research project are as follows:

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Correlations
  • Multiple Regression Analysis

All of these tests would generate the results and show us that whether the Pakistani economy is impacted significantly by the unmanned aerial strikes of US or not.

Explain the criteria by which you will use to make inferences from your sample data to the parent population. (Hint: alpha level)

The p value of NOVA and all the independent variables would be used to make the inferences about the sample data. If the p value is less than 0.05 for example, then it means US unmanned aerial strikes have a significantly negative impact on Pakistani economy………….

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