States Project Case Solution & Answer

States Project Case Solution

Problem Statement:

WHO declared Corona a pandemic on 11 March 2020.As it was originated from Wuhan China. Who declared social distancing to protect the spread of covid-19. Countries imposed complete lock down around the world. Due to lock down, many industries started to operate virtually, employees were allowed to work from home. Educational institutes were also closed, Lock down affected the educational institutes. Students’ learning was also affected by the online classes.

As online classes were very new for students also for teachers. Students were not able to get maximum information from online classes and teachers were unable to keep the track record of students. On the other hand, institutes were changing their teaching methods from physical classes to online classes. So this change was not easy for anyone, Students learning was affected due to online classes and students were less productive.


What is the impact of Covid-19 on the learning of students?

What change does Covid-19 bring to teaching methods?

What influence Covid-19 have on the productivity of students?


The reason for conducting this research is to identify, what impact Covid-19 has on learning, teaching methods, and students’ productivity. Also, the target audience that we have selected for the collection of data was 30 teachers. The results are analyzed on the Statistical (descriptive and inferential statistics) tests are conducted to check the reliability and significance of data.

To collect the data the instrument of this study was a questionnaire that had close-ended questions and was easily understandable for respondents. All variables questions were measured by using a Likert scale where are ranged from 1 – 5 characteristics respective. (Strongly disagree to strongly agree). First part consists of demographics and second includes influence from social media influencer’s characteristics in purchase intention. The data was analyzed through regression and hypothesis testing. (Descriptive analysis and inferential statistics).

3.6 Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive analysis encompasses the demographic factors of the respondents of the study which indicates that the data is collected from the people is having this ethnic, age or personal details. In this study, we have collected the demographics of respondent by asking the prime questions like Age and Gender.

3.7 Inferential Analysis

Inferential analysis refers to the analyzing and testing of data through evidences of different parameters and tests. For this purpose, Spss was used to assess the data and interpret the results. Different techniques and tests are used to interpret with the standard principles. Cronbach alpha, R2, t-test, f-test, correlation and significance are analyzed and explained in this procedure.

The value of R2 should be >0.7 so it’s high effecting, if less than it so it’s moderate or weak level. Cronbach alpha should > 0.7 so it’s best for the significance of variables.t-test should > 2, f test > 3.45, significance must be <0.5 and correlation of variables with dependent variable must be <0.01.

The purpose of this study was to see the impact of Covid-19 on the learning, productivity, and teaching methods of students. This study will help teacher as well as students to increase make strategies to improve students learning experience and productivity.


H1: There is a significant influence of Covid-19 on the learning of students

H2: There is a significant influence of Covid-19 on teaching methods?

H3: There is a significant influence of Covid-19 have on the productivity of students?


1 Testing Reliability of Tool and Collected Data

The reliability is the most important part in the data which is checked through IRT test, Internal Reliability test in SPSS. It signifies that either the collected data is reliable or not by showing the Cronbach alpha value which should be > 0.7 and different tests are applied after checking this. The table 4.1 shows the reliability analysis of dependent and independent variables.

Table 4.1 Reliability of constructs

Variables Items Cronbach’s alpha
Covid-19 5 0.90
Learning 5 0.879
Teaching Methods 5 0.957
Productivity 5 0.915

 In the above table, reliability is checked of all the variables which show that every variable is reliable because the value of Cronbach alpha is > 0.7. covid-19is having 5 items interprets that it had 5 questions and Cronbach alpha is 0.90 which is >0.7. Learning is having 5 items interprets that it had 5 questions and Cronbach alpha is 0.879 which is >0.7. Teaching methods is having 5 items interprets that it had 5 questions and Cronbach alpha is 0.957 which is >0.7. Purchase Intention is having 5 items interprets that it had 5 questions and Cronbach alpha is 0.913 which is >0.7.

4.2 Demographics of Respondents

Demographics of the respondents are analyzed to investigate the personal data of respondents. The study composed the demographic of the respondent where their gender and age.

Table 4.2 shows the analysis of the demographics of the respondents, where first table shows the gender frequency. Among 200 respondents, 130 are male and 70 are females. The ratio of males is higher here. Second table shows the age of respondents that how much frequency is having of age level. 76 of 15-22 Years level, 112 of23-30 Years level, 11 of 31-38 Years level and 1 of 39-50 Years level.

Table 4.2 Demographics of the respondents


4.2.1 Gender
  Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent
Valid Male 130 65.0 65.0 65.0
Female 70 35.0 35.0 100.0
Total 200 100.0 100.0  


4.2.2 Age
  Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent
Valid 15-22 Years 76 38.0 38.0 38.0
23-30 Years 112 56.0 56.0 94.0
31-38 Years 11 5.5 5.5 99.5
39-50 Years 1 .5 .5 100.0
Total 200 100.0 100.0  

4.3 Significance of variable through Correlation Matrix

The correlation matrix shows the relationship of all the variables with the dependent variable. The decision is based on the criteria where 2-tailed must be less than 0.01 for the significance of all the variables

Table 4.3 shows the correlation matrix of all the variables where all the variables have 2 tailed 0.000 which <0.01 and indicate that each variable is significant and relatable to each other. C has the 2-tailed value 0.000 with L, TM and P. L has the 2-tailed value with C, TM and P. TM has the 2-tailed value 0.000 with C, L and P. P has the 2-tailed value 0.000 with C, L and TM………………..

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