Start a Fire Case Study Solution

Key Issues

The key issues of Star a Fire, include:

The traffic that the brands produced, missed the mark regarding desires. Golan’s group turned out to be much worried over the measurements and find-ability. A few brands could have 5 million devotees but produce almost nothing in page views.

Golan and his group had been astonished by that flood, since past mixes with other compelling advertising and social stages, for example: HubSpot, Buffer. HootSuite and Facebook had not made notable swells.

Incomes were not enough to make acceptable short-term and long-term returns, for its investment funders.

Another key of the organization isthat raising another financing round would take around half a year, and covering the organization would cost around $85,000 once severance bundles, legal charges and different elements are considered.

It was also realized that it took more thana move to win even the quickest round of chess.

SWOT Analysis


Several strengthswhich the company possessed, proved to be helpful in the growth of Start a Fire. The organization served more than 3,000 of the world’s greatest brands. It is a creative substance distribution and asocial media management stand that empowers brands to improve their correspondence and commitment towards their supporters.TOMODO is also a strength for the founders as it helps in raising interest of investors. TOMODO is also like Wikipedia and it is a free and web-based environment. The widget was also an experiment of the company that allowed other companies that sold HTML widgetsto give an intuitive exhibit of their gadget on the head of an imminent customer’s site.Start a Fire permitted the brands to gather investigation from the earned media they shared, forexample:the average time a visitor spent on the page, averagescrollsand the visitor’sgeographical area. These are also called values that Start a Fire offers.(Crunchbase, n.d.)………………………….


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