Starbucks: Story of Growth Case Solution

Founded in 1971 and acquired by CEO Howard Schultz in 1987, Starbucks has been successful in the United States. In forty years, it has grown from a single roaster located in Seattle, Washington for a world of billions of dollars that has made more than 17,000 retail cafes in fifty countries and coffee beans are sold, instant coffee and tea ready beverages to drink tens of thousands of grocery and mass merchandise. However, as Starbucks moved to new market environments in the context of its aggressive growth strategy, assets and core activities of its competitive advantage in its coffee shops retail have been modified or weakened, making it more vulnerable to competitive threats, both more and less good quality entrees. The company also had to make decisions on vertical integration in relation to its expansion in consumer goods.
Craig Garthwaite,
Meghan Busse,
Jennifer Brown,
Greg Merkley
Source: Kellogg School of Management
20 pages.
Release: July 13, 2012. Prod #: KEL665-PDF-ENG
Starbucks: A History of the settlement of cases growth

Starbucks: Story of Growth Case Solution
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