Spreading Happiness: Warm Fuzz Cards Case Solution

In December 2008, Erica Mills and her husband, Craig, were making plans. They recently decided to start a family in the next 12 months and now have to make decisions on how to manage their careers, and they were about to take this important step. Cards Hot Fuzz Erica started a greeting card company in Toronto, there is a little more than two years in 2006. The company has been growing slowly but profitable. Craig worked as a human resources director of a large company. He was very favorable for Erica business. In fact, it is believed that the company could grow much faster. Erica, on the other hand, said his strategy of slow growth. However, she was not sure she could handle the business as currently structured and raise a family at the same time. Would have to decide what to do quickly. They need time to decide how fast to grow, develop a plan, raise funds, and may hire staff, all before the start of their family. This case provides students an example of a new company and understanding of: 1) the decision of the growth rate 2) the decision of how and where to invest in a growing business 3) how management skills, knowledge and preferences may influence decision-making in business enterprises / business 4) the importance of cash management is in the early growth stage 5) as the different stages of development of a new business will dictate the need for a detailed financial control and manage a business. This case is suitable for a class of 75-minute business introduction.
Colleen Sharen
Source: Ivey Publishing
8 pages.
May 28 2009: release date. Prod #: 909M39-PDF-ENG
Spreading happiness: Warm Fuzz Cards Case Solution

Spreading Happiness: Warm Fuzz Cards Case Solution
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