Spot-fire: Managing a Multinational Start-up Case Solution & Answer

Spot-fire: Managing a Multinational Start-up Case Solution

What is the nature of the opportunity for Spot-fire

The nature of opportunity available for Spitfire is strategic, which could enable the firm to become a strategic partner for most of its clients, making it easier for the company to have an expansion. Under this partnership, Spot-fire would form an important part within the procedures of the company’s research. In the initial years of the company’s operations; it made progress by winning small orders; however, as the company started to grow; most of the company’s clients were converted to a large scale use. This was the time when the company’s management became aware of the adoption of the large scale model, and the objective of making profit was the key to the second round of financing, for the long term viability of the company.

What strategy should it pursue over the next 3-5 years?

In the initial years of the company’s operations; it performed quite well. The company financed its operations with seed financing from Innovations Kapital. Spot-fire, which is one of the leading software companies whose business model is based upon the vision of its key founders. The main purpose of the company’s technology is to provide innovative solutions to the individual researchers, so that they could easily visualize the data in an interactive and more intuitive format.

With these innovative solutions; the researchers are able to identify the unusual trends and patterns so that promising leads could be developed quickly.The software of Spotfire allows the researchers to mine warehouses of extensive data and identify the problem more quickly.

What to do next?

Ahlberg feels that Spot-fire gives a greater equity in its seed production financing. In order to avoid it, the firm has to spread its product more in the city, and it is also identified that there is a need to convince the customers regarding the product purchase, so that the company could earn more customers in the area. Marketing is also a basic and a very important technique that directly increases the sales of any business, so in order to become more productive and to grab the attention  getting attention of a wider customer base; efficient and effective marketing tactics should be undertaken by the company. There is also a requirement of producing a new category of products, such as:for biological database need of plug-in. Development in the company’s existing product category & by considering the needs of the customer making or updating the previous structure & by making advancement in all categories, through which the company can get more profitable as compared to the previous days. As Ahlberg knows that the Spot-fire requires new labors, and it also needs to recruit a highly professional CFO, before heading towards the second step of financing.In addition to this, the company also requires to increase its breadth and depth of market segments, in order to make its internal infrastructure strengthened& reliable.

Spot -fire is geographically dispersed.  Is this a sustainable strategy?  Why/why not?

Yes, it is a sustainable strategy,but there are several other ways that the company can opt for, in order to become more productive in the region. The major factor that serves as the backbone of every firm,is their financing plan. Factors for successful business includes focus on financing plan, making or straitening a plan for the company’s profit-generation in future & then hiring a team for fulfilling the financial requirements. So there is a need to bring stability in all the sectors of the company, with an inclusion of the necessity of undergoing a deep analysis of such profit accelerating factors continuously,from time to time & then implement a well strategic financial plan to the infrastructure of the company. The company needs to bring stability and improvement in all the department’s work, such as:marketing, production, sales, promotion, advertising, equity and assets.

Spot fire expects to raise additional capital.  How much is needed?  Under what terms should it raise capital?

Required Additional Capital:

The financing of approximately  $ 750000 has been raised by the company through Innovations Kapital. In return for this financing; the venture capital organization has acquired a stake of around 46% in the equity of Spotfire. The first round of the company’s financing was completed in the August of 1997, and the company had successfully raised $616486 and $2465966 from Innovations Kapital and Atlas Ventures, respectively. Now the company is set for the next round of financing. According to the assumptions as well as the estimations of Ahlberg; the next round of financing that would be required by the company,is dependent on the company’s headcount………………

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