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Speaking Notes For Presentation Case Solution 


Ruffian Apparel Founded in 1974, by three University of British Columbia Graduates in Vancouver; the name Ruffian Apparel was nickname based on three founders (Jamie “The Ruffian” Clark) Ruffian Apparel mainly sells exclusive men’s apparel and brand name. Ruffian had expanded progressively in western Canada where it in 68 locations and appointed 1200 people. Ruffian apparel had 19 locations, and the majority of which were in Vancouver and the neighboring area in British Columbia.

Situational Overview

Ruffian Apparel hired a new regional manager on July1st, 2007, the manager encountered a problem, which was that with the back-to-school rush fast method; it difficult to get the Kelowna store back on track. The store was being operated for several months without any capable manager creating the sales figures far from optimal. In the short-term, Ruffian Kelowna was being operated by full-time employees with a lack of experience, who was granted the store manager’s status and was given the responsibility to deal with a significant staff shortage. In the meantime this store needed the main assistance, Evan performance evaluation and compensation leads in his region leads to the success of stores Evans required those Kelowna sales figures to be improved soon.

Critical issues

Facing issues in recruiting the store manager

The Priority was hiring a store manager for Ruffian Kelowna.Evan faced difficulties in recruiting the store manager. In this case, ruffian apparel could not promote the assistant manager, it was not the solution. Looking at the existing staff there were very few opportunities left with the lack of experience of limited employees.

.Recent turnover in Kelowna Staffing issue

The store manager had left recently, which had further made staffing issues complicated in the company. The company was left with few employees which were also under-skilled and lack of experienced, eventually impacting the overall financial position of the company and as well as sales.

Inexperienced Staff

The store sales numbers and performance was decreasing because of the absence of the full time/interim store manager, assistant manager, and inexperienced staff, and part-time vacancies.

Ruffian Apparel low compensation level

As compared to the comparable position at other companies, Ruffian Apparel pays ordinary salaries to the workers.

Decreasing in sales

The sales were increasingly plummeting with the absence of an actual store manager and with an inexperienced employee. In the interim, Ruffian Kelowna was being operated by an inexperienced full-time store manager. Dealing with the excessive staff shortage was a key issue faced by the appointed manager.

Priority Issue

Ruffian Kelowna’s faced a first critical issue of hiring a new store manager to take over the responsibility of temporarily administrative store, several months the store was being operated without a proficient store manager, Kelowna must run the store for generating sales and improved results, helping the company to recover its strength as well as its efficiency to overcome its floundering situation…………..

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