Spark Publishing &Printing House Case Solution & Answer

Spark Publishing &Printing House Case Solution


Sameer is the owner of SPHH, whois very satisfied with the recommendations made by his management team. He had only two months to decide to take over the control over his entire family business. Since his father was known for his professional excellence and a vast experience in his field as so was his grandfather’s, now all the pressure was over Sameer to achieve the same level of success and demonstrate the same level of professional experience. He has also inherited the skill of being focused on a task by having his full attention on it, and same as his father and grandfather; Sameer also did not want to fail in any of the jobs he was given. Spark Publishing and Printing House got an offer from Fine Printing Press to print and distribute it for an initial time of one year. Sameer should analyze the outsourcing cost and continuing operation cost through the cost analysis.

Background of the Case

Narottamdas has started a small business of Spark Printing Press. This business office is based in Ahmadabad. Ahmadabad is the western state of Gujrat. After the independence, Narottamdas started the operations of daily publishing and also included a new business line of an English magazine. The magazine was named as Spark. Sudhir Sheth, who was the son of Narottamdas, started to operate the business after the death of his father. Sudhir changed the business’s name to Spark Publishing and Printing House, and created a brand image for his business. Sudhir released the daily & magazinewith the new model of business in the product line. Sudhir divided his business into two parts: Publishing & Printing and Distribution department. Sudhir selected Sameer to take of his business. Sameer started handling the business in January 2014. The technical alteration and innovations took place in the 21st century. The scope of the publishing industry has increased and is set to enter in the electronic resource. Several small companies started emerging and providing printing and distribution services. Sameer is now looking for the major cause behind the possible as well as prevailing issues. He is evaluating the decision regarding either the continuation of the P&D department or subcontracting to the Fine Printing Press under the agreement of one year.

Problem Statement:

SPHH is about the costs involved in choosing a short-term alternative. It emphasizes over importance of differential cash flow analysis and emphasizes over the irrelevance of past and non-discriminatory expenditures to the management choices. SPHH is a leading publishing and printing company. It has two divisions: publishing, printing, and distribution. SPHH has received an offer from Fine Printing Press to print and distribute for an initial period of 1 year. The administrative choice involved is whether the subcontractor should continue the stalemate or nor. Relevant costs should be analyzed to determine which alternative is more cost-effective.(Dave, 2014)

Critical Analysis

A # 1

One year is the period of evaluation because this is given in the case……………………….

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