Soren Chemical: Why Is the New Swimming Pool Product Sinking Case Solution & Answer

Soren Chemical: Why Is the New Swimming Pool Product Sinking Case Solution

Executive summary

At Soren Chemicals, the marketing manager is concerned about the poor sales performance of a Coracle which is the new clarifier for residential swimming pools. The reason behind the puzzling performance of the Coracle is that the product is identical to another product sold by Soren for the larger pool’s treatment.  A company was engaged in distributing the other product Business to Business (B2B) via chemical formulators who was engaged in serving the commercial pools markets but the company uses the wholesale distributors for selling Coracle.

Given the slow start in developing Coracle as the consumer brand, a marketing manager in Water Treatment Products group – Moritz suspects that there might be a flaws in the go-to-market strategy but is unsure where the issue lies. Thus, due to the lack of brand awareness, inappropriate channel distribution strategy, low margin policy for distributors, weakness of brand image and wrong segmentation and targeting strategy, the company faced the issue of declining sales of the product.


To deal with the issue of poor sales performance of Coracle, the company should adopt the push strategy being a new brand in the market because of low brand awareness & low band loyalty in the market. The company is recommended to widen the channels of distribution who must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the product & its benefits to compel customers to purchase the products. The company could create the brand awareness by providing free water test, experiments or through event to emphasize on perceived cleanliness and aesthetics.The company could also visual media or physical demonstration i.e. setup booths in retail stores with core consideration of demonstrating the benefits and effectiveness of the product & ease of using it. Soren Chemicals must re-launch the product in the summer instead of during fall and must revise the product strategy and makes clear message on its competitive advantage. Hence, the company is recommended to focus on aggressive mailing campaign, huge advertising in trade journals, and prominent display counter in trade shows, impart education to pool owners related to adverse effects of waterborne disease and make them aware about economic benefits and potential savings of using Coracle.

Impact statement

By following the set of recommendations, the company would be able to help customers know about the usability and economic benefits of the product. Also, the distributors of the company would be motivated to sell the products to the end users. Through offering higher profit margin to distributors, the company would be able allow them to start promoting & carrying Coracle to retailers. Additionally, the use of email marketing would help Soren Chemicals reach customers and it would allow the company to draw valuable information about their customers.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
Soren Chemicals has strong position with improved reputation in the market.

The strong financial standing of Soren Chemicals is followed by its focus on offering range of chemical solutions for treating wastewater and drinking water.

The product line of company includes 350 products with the revenue of $450 million.

The company make considerable amount of investment in developing brands for products having potential in consumer market.

The latest influential brand of the company Kailan MW brought great success to the company.

The Soren research and development team has ability to combat organic debris and advantage of Kailan MW was its effectiveness over longer period.

The company has low brand image in the market.

The company failed to create customer loyalty in the market.

The company failed to convince customers about cost-saving and safety benefits of Coracle.

The low customer awareness resulted in poor sales performance of Coracle.

Opportunities Threats
The company could exploit the opportunity of expanding the distribution channel – 9 million residential swimming pools in US, all of which required regular cleaning and maintenance by professional pool service or owners.

The company could make end users knowledgeable about the product and create brand awareness to improve sales performance.


The sales and profit returns of the company are prone to the intensity of the competition from Keystone chemicals, Jackson laboratories and Kymera. Each of the competitors had 15-20 percent share of residential pool clarifier market.

The company is also threatened by the risk of imitation from other competitors including Kailan.

Summary of facts and figures

Estimation of the Coracle’ marker share and market potential

The estimation of the Coracle’ marker share and market potential shows that the size of retail market is $112,500,000 whereas the manufacturer market size is calculated to be $66,960,000. In the similar way, the share of Coracle of manufacturer market is approximately 2.24%. Out of 9 million pool owners, there are only 2.25 million customers who are aware of the effective role of the water clarifies. The sales of the products was only 111000 dollars which was very disappointing because it is around 0.1 percent of the total share of the overall market.

Coracle product

The product is applied fewer number of times in the similar period as the market rivals’ products which demonstrates less costs and less need for storage. Coracle is more effective as compared to products of competitors in the flocculants segment. It helps the owners of swimming pool to save 20% to 30% of the total chemical cost than the products of competitors.

Promotion techniques

Currently, the product promotion of the company targets pool service professionals and specialty retailers and the company responded directly with the material safety data sheet, technical notes and brochures. By using the written media, the target customers of the company are limited to those who enjoy reading publications& who could visit the website, thus leading narrow market coverage(Lodish, 2019).

Lack of customer awareness

Despite the number of benefits of Coracle and its effectiveness for microscopic particles that could not be removed through the physical filtration & also the ability to combat the organic debris, from the perspective of the end user, most owners of pools didn’t understand the cost saving and safety benefits of the Coracle, hence the lack of customer awareness led to poor sales performance of the product………………………

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