Sonnedix Solar Solutions Case Solution & Answer

Sonnedix Solar Solutions Case Solution


Sonnedix Solutions are aself-positioned-solar energy producer (IPP), with a showntrack record in bringingthe most well-organized solar photoelectric plants.

They build , own, and use solar energy plants in all OECD countries, including 1.5 GW of current PV plants, and several hundred MW in the manufacturing and expansion stages.

They believe the future is in full turnaround, and they are doing their best to get there as soon as possible.

Shared objective: Using solar energy to have a brighter future as a firm.

This is what bringsall the members of their team together and also connects Sonnedix to our stakeholders, environment and the section in which they operate.

Values and Behavior

Theirstandards​​and significance are at the heart of their norms. They move them forward as theyattemptto do better each day, guidingthe way in achievingthe goal.

Their Team

Working together as a mixed organization around the world,reaching to their goal.

Do the right thing

They act socially, publicly and honestly, so that they can have a positive impacton everything they do.

Direct Strength

Going forward by moving forward in a useful and an efficient way.

Sustainable growth

Encourage a domain that allows them to grow and develop in a healthy way.

Owner’s thoughts

Authorizing people to think and act by working for the whole firm.

Sonnedix as first Solar IPP

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) welcomes Sonnedix, and free worldly energy producer (IPP) as a new market partner in the exchange. Sonnedix, presently holds more 1 GW of working capacity in 8 countries, accepted to trade all EEX discharge items.

This is a very exciting achievement for Sonnedix, as they are able to cutoff the risks of future price changes, making it easier to build short-term and long-term securities globally, with short arrange drisks.

Sonnedix is ​​the first solar power IPP to join the EEX firm in Spain and Italy, making this a great moment for both the firms. Like IPP, Sonnedix makes, builds and uses solar power plants around the globe for a long time period. Being an EEX trading partner allows the Sonnedix to build up its dedication to good performance and to have an access to a large network of trading partners. Currently, 274 firms can sell items in the EEX energy market.

Steffen Köhler, EEX’s Chief Operating Officer, adds: “We are happy to welcome Sonnedix as the first IPP to join the EEX trading community. The energy-efficient trade will allow them to neglect short-term and long-term risks in their solar position. This is further confirmation that discharges act as acrucial risk administration tool for sustainable energy projects accessible from the electricity prices.

The adoption of Sonnedix EEX continues to increase community and boost the EEX’s role as a sustainable energy market network as part of a global power mix.

Sonnedix’s adoption came as a result of hard work from a sales team from EEX in southern Europe and the Sonnedix team, with strong connections over the years.

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is Europe’s major energy trading that begins, operates and connects secure, liquid and clear markets for energy and related items. As part of the EEX Group, a group of firms-working in the global markets; EEX offers contracts to Power, Natural Gas and discharge allocations as well as delivery and agricultural items. EEX also provides registration services for White Certificates, Certificates of Excellence, and Certificate of Origin on behalf of the France State, as well as salefor the warranty of Origin.

Sonnedix Power Holdings Limited (and its subsidiary, Sonnedix) is an Independent Solar Power Producer (IPP) producer with a showntrack record of providing solar-energy plants to solar-energyplants in the market. Sonnedix makes, builds, manages and operates solar power plants overseas and domestically as well, including 1 GW of sustainable energy plants and several hundred MW still being grown in Italy, France, Spain, the USA / Puerto Rico, Chile, South Africa and Japan.

Problem Statement

Value of the PV project plan project in Grasse, France has the project financing costs andbuilding costs, etc.

Industrial Analysis

The manufacturing is now on its base, especially in the European countries that use power, especially solar controls, as one of the top 3origin of energy, electricity dams and wind power, but the first physical step to balance the industry was taken by the German government in 1999. Grants for PV manufacturing provision, with the growth of the industry and through better advancement;prices are decreasing and many manufacturer are leaving the industry but the production is still very open because there is solar energy waste.

Sonnedix solidly believes that there is an opportunity in the solar business which can be achieved through a factors of growth strategies as the competition continues to grow day by day. The current manufacturing will not be the same in the future, according to some business analysts; the use of solar energy will grow in the future because many of the world’s wealth as well as firms, include solar energy in their foundation.

Financial Analysis – Time Project

Estimates of the next 2 years after the start of the Grasse project, indicates that Sonnedix will create sufficient revenue from this project, to keep the profit margin of about 12%, which will increase from 11% in 1 year to 13% in 2 yearswhile average will stay at12%. The reason for this increase now seems to be the availability of the panels to be used in electricity’s creation in Sonnedix at a decreased price, which also shows its track in the full profit line.

Another reason for such an increase in the total profits is that the Sonnedix has a long and strong status in the French markets for its power business creation. The French government currently offers 0.60 euro / kWh, which is very high as compared to other European countries and this enables the firms to make a crucial profit with the help of equity administration and the government’spermit.

The interest rate that will be maintained throughout the project at 6%, which is sufficient to show Sonnedix’s ability to pay interest on this prediction.

Return of property is 0.8% low with 0.9% high, and shows the generation of a lower or limited profits in the use of resources, which could be anissue for the Sonnedix Solar Solution’s board of directors. The creation of such a lower return on resources also shows in a broad sense that the project does not have enoughposition to generate good revenues from the project. But it also does not mean that the project would incur losses because the capacity of the generation of the cash flow and the benefit of the project to generate profits being governed by various factors…………………..

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