Question: 3


The highest bid would be given to ensure that the advertisement given by Big-Skinny ends up on top of the list, hence enabling the company to gain more viewers on per click basis. This, as a result would give the opportunity to the company to improve its brand image, its product market position or for any other purpose for which the company would implement its marketing strategy. However, it can be said that the Ad-rank of Big-Skinny would be high as compared to other well-known wallet manufactures engaged in the Ad-word bidding campaign, as the keyword, Skinny, related to it. Due to this reason, the company would end up paying the highest bid amounting to 3.90.


Assuming that every one’s quality scores are identical, then the amount that would be paid by the company to attain the highest Ad-rankwould be low,which would enable the company’sadvertisement to be placed on top of the search list, initiated by the user. Therefore, it can be determined that the bid amount could be lower, around 3.506.


  • The company should attain the highest bid in the Ad-word auction, which would allow its advertisement to be placed on top of the list.
  • The bid for the keyword appropriately defines the product’s characteristics and utility.
  • The conciseness of the content should be practiced, to give the user, a quick idea regarding the products features within 30 seconds.
  • Using effective keywords with precise definition, as the addition of these keywords would touch the customers in different domains.
  • Effective searching option and enhance browsing capabilities would be provided in the website, which could connect the users, enabling them to engage through careful analysis of the choices.
  • Creating web content that enhances the accessibility of the user, increase their level of satisfaction.
  • Using social media platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snap chat, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Which would enable the blogger to feature the offers on a continuous basis of different websites. Which would enhance customer engagement in the products offered by them.
  • Providing clear and concise content to the users would increase the traffic on the website.
  • Providing accessibility for the user would allow the consumers them to search for their desired item on the website efficiently.
  • An application for smartphone should be developed in which an effective optimize-able website is present, which would allow the user to search for item with ease, while spending the least amount of time online.
  • This would increase the traffic on the website, hence, the site would be considered as unique by the search engine, due to which the company could be provided with additional slots by the search engine.It could conductAffiliate marketing in which interested sites could blog or even divert traffic on Big-Skinny’s website.
  • It should employ email marketing techniques to get in touch or establish connection with existing customers.
  • Daily Emails should contain discount offers for their established membersin order to attract more customers…………………….

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