Social difference between Malaysia and Singapore Case Solution & Answer

Social difference between Malaysia and Singapore Case Solution


Masculinity states the degree to which the society prefer masculine values such as“competition” and “acquisitions” as compared to the feminine values such as “relationships” and “care.” High masculinity score indicates that the society possesses more aggressive values as compared to caring values, whereas low masculinity score indicates that the society is care-oriented which promotes relationships, and care as compared to competition, and aggression. Moreover, success and achievement are also a part of masculine society.

Regarding score on masculinity, both countries shared approximately same score. I observed that both countries have mix of both dimensions. Few people are achievement oriented, which includes them in high masculine society, and few people are relationship oriented which includes them in the low masculine values oriented society. Therefore, it cannot be verbally concluded where these countries lie. In the case of Singapore, few people of the country are sympathy oriented, and this element comprises of aggressive nature of the people. The aroused conflicts are solved immediately by sitting together in person so that relationship couldn’t be at stake. The rules of state also suggest that people live in harmony and respect each other.

Uncertainty avoidance:

The uncertainty avoidance focuses on the level of tolerance for ambiguity and obscurity among the members of the society. High uncertainty avoidance indicates the little risky nature of the society. The members of the society are risk aversive in nature and are the followers of rules and regulations prescribed by the state of the society or owner of the company. Moreover, the low uncertainty avoidance indicates that the members of the community are risk taker and have less concern over ambiguity or uncertainty of happening something. This kind of society does not obey  rules much and adopts changes easily;the extent to which a particular culture feels endangered by the occurrence of any uncertain event.

Singapore is relatively more risk aversive as compared to Malaysia. The people of Malaysia are not relatively bounded by the rules,however, they adopt changes frequently. Nonetheless, the people of Singapore are more risk aversive and follow the rules and established procedures. There is a more fine culture in Singapore; the rules of Singapore are not hidden to anyone. One day I was also fined because of throwing garbage on the road. Therefore, I would say the Society of Singapore is totally different in this way from Malaysian. The flexible schedules and relaxed attitude make Malaysian economy less risk aversive than Singaporean.

Long-term orientation:

It identifies the extent to which any particular society embraces long-term dedication towards the traditional values. High long-term oriented societiest end to focus more on long-term development goals and respect towards the tradition. Low long-term orientation suggests that the society does not promote long-term traditions as they tend to change their customs, and values on the time. In other words, it can be said that countries with low long-term orientation tend to move faster with the world by compromising on their values and traditions.

Singaporean society is highly long-term oriented as compared to Malaysian due to the demography of the residents. Buddhist tend to be loyal towards their tradition, which is why Singapore is closer towards the long-term orientation. People of Singapore believe in slow growth however, they sustain growth and prefer to maintain their traditions as long as they can. During my visit I met some people in Singapore, they had a traditional point of view on everything as they value their culture. One of them was wearing a very old dress, and I asked him why he was wearing such clothes to which he replied it is their tradition and they love to wear it often, which concludes that they are long term and culture oriented people…………………..

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