SMAC Self Directed Managerial Application Component Case Solution


Simply put, SMAC technologies allows the organizations to connect, reach and understand their target buyers. In the fast paced and jargon filled world of information technology industry, SMAC is the new buzz acronym which stands for social mobility. The SMAC technology has been spreading with a rapid pace as compared to any other technology.

ABC, a large consumer packaged goods company has been striving to improve its supply chain. ABC’s executive vice president  has been pondering to take some initiatives to re-design its strategies in order to enhance the supply chain. Even though, information communication technologies (ICT) is extensively used in ABC and has been playing a significant role in improving the company’s performance.  ABC has recognized its drawback after being criticized for lagging behind in the use of mobility & social media in the market as compared to its competitors and rival companies. The company has become less productive and less innovative, and is continuously struggling and failing to gain competitive advantage over its competitors.

In addition to this, the reason behind the problems is the lack of technology toolkit that has been representing the next wave for driving growth opportunities and higher customer engagement. Notably, the lack of planning and execution have negatively affected the supply chain company. The ultimate objective of  ABC should be to transform the company’s current inefficient model into a sustainable and well advanced model that would most likely take into account the opportunities offered by SMAC technologies for effective and efficient operation of supply chain to help company achieve competitive advantage, innovation and productivity. The manufacturer of consumer packaged goods have been looking to have adaptive supply chain for the purpose of increasing revenues, capping costs, and improving productivity.


The supply chain management is one of an integrative philosophy for managing the total flow of the channel of distribution from suppliers to ultimate consumer. The information technology use has been recognized as the prerequisite for the effective control of challenging supply chain. Also, the information & communication technology (ICT) has been considered the important enablers of effective management of supply chain. (Jr., 2006).

As such, it has been analyzed that the supply chain company should integrate with application and usage and deployment of ICT to achieve the organizational objectives and goals. Also, the usage and adoption of ICT would drive the performance, growth and competitive advantage of the company. Since, Information & Communication Technology ICT has been shifting towards the SMAC technologies. The impact of SMAC technologies would be greater on ABC Company. The components of SAMC technology such as social, mobility, analytics and cloud hold significance for the supply chain, as they act as the pillar of the organization on whom the foundation of the entire organization depends as they contain the tendencies to support the entire organization’s functionality and growth.

In addition to this, the IT implementation for supply chain collaboration transaction processing, order tracking & planning and delivery coordination in the supply chain management company (Auramo & Tanskanen, 2005). SMAC technology tends to present the exceptional market opportunities for the productivity of business. It also has multiple benefits to the supply chain company in terms of enterprise workflow, customer engagement, decision making process and collaboration.

Significantly, ICT is widely used enabler of effective management of supply chain. It enhances the effectiveness & efficiency of the organization. The ICT tools support autonomous decision making process, help in executing activities faster and enable the distributive operations. (Huang, 1999). SMAC is one of the concept that tends to integrate all separated technologies and platforms within business. According to (Faruqui, 2015), the use of social, analytical, mobile and cloud technologies would enable the progressive organization to work in real time, highly collaborative and connected ways. The fusion of such technologies and SMAC effects can be leveraged for the purpose of rendering the supply chain to be more resilient, adaptive and responsive.

Figure shows supply chain application through SMAC

The last several years have been immensely challenging for the company due to the reduced profitability, decreased market share, weak customer engagement and low productivity. The company has started to shift the focus on the innovation that would most likely fuel the revenue growth. It is analyzed that the company should reformulate and revisit its supply chain strategy which starts with understanding the market trends and technological development as well.

It is imperative to note that the emerging technologies and changing market dynamics would enable the company to revisit its supply chain strategies in order to gain operational efficiencies and to propel growth in the future ahead.  The theoretical framework evaluates the impact of SMAC Stack on ABC’s supply chain competitiveness, productivity and innovation.

Figure shows the theoretical framework

Supply chain competitive advantage and SMAC

In order to make sure the viable future, the eco-system of entire supply chain should be transformed by the company which would be a great attempt of having the competitive advantage over the competitors, depicting that the manufacturer should re-skill and re-tool and also should consider using toolkit of new technology called SMAC (How Manufacturers Can Stay Competitive With the SMAC Stack. , (2016)). Such system includes all individuals stake to help manufacturer in availing growth opportunities and improving customer engagement.

In addition, it is also analyzed that the use of social media has inevitable effects on marketing and sales function. It can be seen as replacing or supplementing more traditional technologies for example; telephone, email, and mail. The use of social media data and information can fulfil the demands of organization and the customer satisfaction leading the company towards having competitiveness in supply chain. Mobility, is the 2nd aspect of SMAC, the increasing mobile app availability enables the manufacturers to gather or collect information they need to make better and faster decisions.

Proposition 01: SMAC technologies have a positive impact on competitiveness.

Supply chain productivity and SMAC

In the technological era, it is analyzed that the company can speedup or enhance the process of business by using information and communication technology (ICT). For example; the productivity in IBM has been accelerated by SMAC technologies.

In addition, it is analyzed that by combining the SMAC technologies into an integrated approach can transform the company’s ability to meet and understand the needs of its customers. SMAC can help ABC company in optimization and planning, risk management, inventory planning, customer relationship, demand forecasting, demand planning, transportation management and sales and distribution planning. It also helps in in the field of the supply chain management. According to (Josefina, 2013), each of SMAC pillar is liable and conducive to enhance the supply chain productivity.

In addition to this, the cloud computing can be used in inventory management, e-procurement and demand forecasting. Such applications make the supply chain transparent, visible and flexible as well. Also, it is to note that the business analytics and bid data also play crucial roles in supply chain productivity since they helps in building new insights and fresh perspective into the performance of business by using quantitative analysis, statistical methods, data and predictive modeling. It is imperative to highlight that the business analytics has huge potential to influence the wide-ranging SCM improvements both at operational level as well as strategic level, hence creating customer value and improving operational efficiency.

Proposition 02: SMAC technologies have positive impact on supply chain productivity.

Supply chain innovation and SMAC

There is an inevitable impact of SMAC on the supply chain performance. The supply chain innovation is significant for the company because the innovation is the only key for ABC Company by using which it can have spectacular improvements in operating resources, assets as well as capabilities in order to develop the new ways to satisfy the needs of its customers.

According to (Dewan, 2014), SMAC tends to present exceptional opportunities for the business to innovate. It is an integration of the technologies, which have become drivers of innovation and productivity in the business. (Billing ton., 2015) Has supported this statement by saying that SMAC technologies tend to redefine the focus and pace of the product innovation, enabling the real time insights into customer preferences and market trends. Such observation would help the company in innovating and enhancing its existing line of products, as well as developing new products that would help the company to meet the changing needs of customers.

By considering the individual impact of SMAC on the innovation in supply chain, it is to highlight that the mobility and social media lead to improve the customer preferences, customer relations, collaboration, communication and speed up transactions. (Billing ton., 2015) has also stipulated that the data analytics and social media cam deliver the insights into the requirements of customers and drive the product innovation. Furthermore, (Thecka, 2014) stated that the power of cloud computing to foster the productivity and innovation is now accepted by all stakeholders.

In addition, SMAC speeds up the process of innovation through enabling the connectivity to market demands, product and users………..


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