Singapore Metals Limited Case Solution & Answer

Singapore Metals Limited Case Solution


SML has switched over time from self-produced items to other advancements tools. The firm had a plan to trade metals as a final product, which it had later changed  to selling foils to other firms that used them as a resource for their items. The victory story of SML is that, while external factors management around the world power automobile production to stop the break out of especially hot gases from the environment where they look for high conditions, SML developed a “Slip-Seal” item that meets market statement and led to fast firm growth. A new item designed based on market facts and figures has been the cause for SML’s success. The Carl Metal protect Pad shows a similar plan.

Firm Overview

  • It manufacturers again sells products that use a specific brand of metal as raw material.
  • Sales in 2007: $ 55m
  • Improved new product

Product Overview

  • Product: Curled Metal Protect Pad
  • Raw material received by the firm form the suppliers.
  • Used by builder in shaping process: operating collection (support structures such as pole) inthe ground
  • Although it is crucial in the file of process, often missed by builder
  • Uses folded metal technology
  • Any size can be generated from same line/ barraw material

Problem Statement

SML has been able to make new items, Curl Metal Protect Pads with great abilities in the market. The new item is much better than any other product ever manufactured by SML.

If successfully presented in the market then it will increase the firm’s sales almost double and payback for the current decrease in the SML sales figures, which has brought a 42.2% decrease in income from use from 2006 to 2007. The consumer is willing to buy the item; “Allied building” asks for a price at which SML will consent to sell the item. Alex Tan, the manager must make a commitment on pricing the item, which is useful for SML as it will set such a price that will bring market approach and higher sales figures as required by the firm due to its recent market position.

Benefits of the curled metal pads

Curl Metal protection Pads are used in the procedure of placing up build-up piles. They are heavy radiation made of materials and metal that are used to carry any building. In addition, they are very useful in areas where the clay can change under the mass of the building. These piles are dug into the ground with heavy tools and Curl Metal protection Pads are used to save the piles with a beat from damage.

The Curl Metal protection Pad acts as a negotiator between the hammer and the pyramid and is used to move energy from the hammer to the pyramid without creating intensity and strength to provide enough support to stop the anxiety. A free pad can split a lot, which will lead to wash the use and extra builders’ costs.

The different items used for this process were hard wood structures; were old-fashioned and later returned by layers of aluminum panel.

Perverted metals have the feeling that they can bear any heat and can easily be extended in length and breadth. Furthermore, setting them in layers will produce a terrible stage and a very efficient flow…………………….

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