Simple Linear Regression Case Solution & Answer

Simple Linear Regression Case Solution

A weak correlation of .334 between the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is observed. We can predict the other correlations between the variables simultaneously. The linearity of data can be observed by the sig values of the variables. The correlation sig value for the price and size is 0.000, which shows thatit is a significant figure. The significant figure shows the data for these variables can be treated as linear.
The sig value for the price in correlation with number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms is also 0.00, which is below the level of its exposure and can be evaluated as linear. All the other correlations have the value of 0.000 except the sig value of correlation of number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms.

The sig value for this correlation is 0.001, which is less than 0.05 and can be observed as significant. The sig value of all the variables is significant, which shows the data is linear and can be proceed to perform the valuations.

Moderation/Interaction Effect

A new method for teaching is introduced in fifth grade of school. Half of the students were selected randomly to learn math with a student-focus method and the other half of the students were randomly selected to learn math by a math-focus method. The method was introduced to increase the efficiency of students in terms of their score on math.
The data consists of seven variables, which are:

Stud_id – student number
Method – teaching method (0 = math focus, 1 = student focus)
Mood – mood of the student after class (averaged across time)
SES – student’s SES (social economic status) 1 indicates children from lowest income family and 5 the highest.
SE – Student’sself-reportedself esteem after class (averaged across time)
Gender – student’s gender
Math – scores on math test at the end of the term.
We use general linear model for the evaluation of potential moderator on the teaching method. General linear model is used to evaluate the relationship between one dependent variable and many independent variables. The dependent variable for the moderation effect is the score of math test at the end of the term(Math). Method variable is fixed variable for the case, while all the other variables are supposed to be independent.
The table below refers to the number of students who are randomly selected by each method. The number of the students selected for the subject focused student is 79, while the number of the students for the student focus method is 80……………….

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