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Defining Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic human resources management deals with all the typical components involved in the proactive management of the employees of the organization. These elements are payroll, discipline, work experience, appraisals, hiring etc. Strategic HRM is an umbrella term for all the methods and the HR strategies through which organizations optimize their people and managing them optimally (UltimateSoftware, 2018).

The development of Strategic HRM plans is more effective as compared to the simple HR management of the people within organizations. This is because of Strategic HRM. Strategic HRM does not only helps the organizations to grow but it also acts as the main catalyst for the growth of the companies (Heathfield, 2018). The next section of report discusses the importance and role of education in SHRM certifications.

Importance of Education Leading to Certification in Global Strategic HRM

The importance of strategic HRM has become immense and it is gaining more popularity on the global front with each passing day. Human Resource personnel are the most important assets of any organization and their effective management defines the fate of the organization. Effective and strategic HRM is the key to the development of the competitive advantages. Education plays an important role in the learning process of the individuals and the role of education that leads towards getting a certification in global strategic HRM is highly important. SHRM serves as the ultimate organization for providing this education and the certification to the individuals in the field of strategic and global HRM (Woodard, 2016).

The HRM ground has shifted significantly and more is being demanded and expected from the HR professionals today. The benefits of HR certification are unlimited and for all those individuals that want to set themselves and their organizations apart, they need to understand the importance of education in this arena and what an HRM certification can offer them. Past studies have shown that many of the people have taken up middle level and the senior level HR positions in the organizations without having an HR certification and they do not understand the scope of HRM (Heathfield, 2018). Therefore, this gives us the first and the most prominent benefit of HRM certification because when organizations hire professionals with HRM certifications, they would be setting the standards of what to expect from the HR professionals in terms of professionalism, behavior, knowledge, and expertise (Heathfield, 2018).

Education in the field of HRM and then getting a certification causes the individual to have a pragmatic and balanced view of their organization. It is simply insufficient to understand the HRM theories without understanding how they can make a difference in any organization and this is only possible through education and certification in strategic HRM. Qualified and certified HR professionals are today becoming an important part of the businesses. According to Michael Nelson, the Chief Human Resource officer of Queensland Department of Health good HR is the HR that fully understands the business and a good HR can be achieved through consistent education and certification in this field (Hegarty, 2017)……………………..

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