Should You Build Strategy Like You Build Software Case Solution

The strategy is a mechanism by which a society gives meaning to the world around them. A collection of ideas on how the company intends to enter the source code in which everything else depends. Because the strategy best captures the idea of ​​a society at a given moment in time, the author argues that the strategy, as the software must be updated and refined as people gain new experiences and knowledge. In traditional approaches to strategy development, the author, planning is optimized for the initial objectives, it is difficult to change direction once the property? PART is underway. Adaptation processes to help companies create and quickly and iteratively adapt strategy so that people can solve problems and allocate resources in changing environments, which are optimized to identify the best ideas and ensure that individuals across the organization have access to the latest version for everyday actions can be aligned with the most important strategic ideas. Since people throughout the organization play a role in the strategic success of the company, the development of the strategy must be based on ideas from everywhere. This requires opening the process to people across the organization, allowing face-to-face collaboration and organization of people other than senior managers to facilitate important strategic discussions.
Keith R. McFarland
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
8 pages.
Publication Date: April 1, 2008. Prod #: SMR281-PDF-ENG
If you build Strategy As you build software? Case Solution

Should You Build Strategy Like You Build Software Case Solution
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