Shoppers Stop – Targeting the Young Case Solution

The case concerns how Shoppers Stop, a home increased retail clothing and accessories closely identified with the adult segment of customers for a decade and a half since creation of the Indian brand, there has been a growing segment of the young population. In the context of an aging population, especially among the countries of North America and Europe, India had an advantage of a predominantly young population. Thirty-five percent of Indians are under 15 years and 70 percent within 35 years – a profile is likely to remain for the next two decades. Discuss: Is there a risk for the company of an adult directed at young people? Is there a risk of not attacking the young? Is there a business opportunity in the segment of youth? What buyers should stop if I should take the opportunity? What is the addressable segment? It is a change of strategy is now or will refine the current strategy do?
Shanker Krishnan,
Ramasastry Chandrasekhar
Source: Ivey Publishing
23 pages.
Date Posted: May 5, 2009. Prod #: 909A11-PDF-ENG
Shoppers Stop – Targeting the Young case solution

Shoppers Stop – Targeting the Young Case Solution
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