Shoppers Stop Group (SSG) Case Solution

As the 2006-2007 BS Nagesh flipped Shoppers Stop Group (SSG) annual report, the action scenes healthy people are dressed in the latest fashion in the middle of the words “Redefining Retail” put a smile on your face. In As Director of SSG – a business of Rs 8.9 billion (206 million) in 2007, which included 23 stores and a hypermarket – Nagesh was proud of how the company had its origin in simple retail transactions complete “experience” defined by the luxurious ambience, food, events and instructed personnel at the point of sale of SMS across India. success of the company led to an initial public offering in May 2005. parent company of SSG, the K. Raheja Corporation and its subsidiaries held 66% of the shares of SGS.
Rajiv Lal,
Virginia A. Fuller
Source: Harvard Business School
41 pages.
Date Posted: February 28, 2008. Prod #: 508017-PDF-ENG
Shoppers Stop Group (SSG) Case Solution

Shoppers Stop Group (SSG) Case Solution
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