Sharp Corporation: Beyond Japan Case Solution & Answer

Sharp Corporation: Beyond Japan Case Solution 

SWOT Analysis

The company has remained the market leader for 10 years. After the long journey of success, which started from 1956, it started facing loss from the year 2009. The company was involved in the research development processes however it was unable to develop as effectively as its competitors. The company did not outsource either the research and development process or its manufacturing functions. Moreover, the competitors were engaged in the development of the technologies by focusing on the core competencies. However, the company was locally manufacturing and was not involved in outsourcing any of its major functions. Hence, on competing through the core competencies, the competitors have grown and expanded whereas,Sharp Corporation remained behind. Moreover, the second critical issue which Sharp Corporation faced was that its expenses started increasing. The expenses such as utility infrastructure, increased transportation cost and the taxes were diminishing the company’s profit.

Discussion of the Alternatives

Sharp Corporation performed well in its initial years, but with time the company was unable to identify the changes in the environment and it never focused much on its competitors’ performance. Therefore, it can be recommended to the company to can select from these two options, which are discussed below:

  1. 1. Advertising Campaigns

The company can raise anaggressive marketing campaign, locally and internationally. Moreover, it can bring in best marketing strategies in order to enhance its performance. Firstly, it needs to develop the research departmentfor its product development. Moreover, advertising can mitigate the level of non-awareness. Furthermore, global advertising can enhance the company’smarket in different regions where the market is trendy. However, it should not appear as the competitor to its competitorsas the companies such as Sony, Apple and Toshiba have developed their technologies based on the research conducted since numerous years. These companies have developed their technologies through research development process as well as they have targeted those customers that have keen interest to the innovative technologies. The competitors thus, slowly have marketed their brands and created the market for the technological enhancement. However, there is intense competition regarding innovation in the electronic industry. The marketers are also attentive hence, they are growing their companies with advertising campaigns and different marketing strategies. The competitors identify the wants of the customers and so they produce such products due to which the customers easily get attracted towards.

2.Association withthe other Corporations

Sharp Corporation can incorporate modification in its operations which can further enable it to combine with other electronic companies which are innovatively bringing their organization to the global market however this way the company can be able to increase its sales.Moreover, the company can reformulate its outdated model. Moreover, the company has many outsourcing options such as utilization of outsourced resources can enable the company to focus more on its core competencies. Furthermore, the company can build its relationship with the suppliers that are located nearby. As a result, this allocation can reduce the increased cost of transportation’s as the pallets would be utilized. Hence, redevelopment of the key structure of the organization can enhance the chances of merger, acquisition or joint venture with the other giants.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Alternatives Sales Growth Product Innovation Profitability
Marketing campaigns Increase Increase Increase
Association with other Corporations Increase Doubtful Increase


The above analysis of the alternatives depicts that the success of the marketing campaign can rather affect the success of the Sharp Corporation as compared to the association with corporations. Moreover, the sales growth and profitability can be achieved through the association with other electronic companies. However, it is less probable for the company to enlarge the product modifications.

Moreover, the evaluation of the alternatives suggests that Sharp Corporation should formulate and implement the strategic marketing campaign. In addition to this, the company has an excellent opportunity to penetrate in the market through innovations and to market its products aggressively. Furthermore, the regions that are attracted towards luxury and innovative trends are the best markets to raise the advertisement campaigns and to get the sales and profitability through product innovations………….

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