In order to deal with harassment, theemployeeshould stop the actions or the remarks categorized under harassment.In doing so, they must call out the harassment to stop the behavior and if itdoesnot stop, it shouldreport it directly to theHRdirector. Thiswill help the employee to deal with the issue thenendthere.

It has been found that the harassmentgrows in theorganizationdue to non-reporting trend of the employeeshence; it is important for all the employees to directly reportthesituation as soon as possible without any delay so that it isdealt immediately and put torest.

Complaint Resolution process

In order to make the procedure effective, thecomplaints should be submitted as soon as the incident has occurred in writingwith date, timing and thetype of harassment.Though under certainharassment the employees are unwilling to offer a written compliant, in such situation, the HRmust take the verbal complaint as complete.

In order to make the compliant fully aligned with the equipment, following are the protocols that need to be followed:

  • The name, designation and the department of the person harassing.
  • The type and description of the incident that has occurred and the location.
  • The effect of the incident on the mental state of the complainant and the hindrance performing the job.
  • In addition to this, it should include the names of those who have beeninvolvedor subjected to similarcases by the same person in the past.
  • Lastly, it should include the additional comments the employee considersimportant to clarify the incident to the management.

Confidentiality and Discipline

Discipline and confidentiality of the act are the keyproponents of the plan. It is suggested that the employees whoviolate the policy are subjected to firm disciplinary action.In doing so, the investigation carried willoutline the discipline violated and will result in written reprimand.Also, under the severe violation of the disciple, the act mayresult in termination of the employee or in certain cases may be regarded as a crime.

Moreover, all these procedures will becarried under clear confidentiality.In such situation, the information that is extremely required to be disclosedwill be offered to theindividual on the basis of their need to know.Perhaps, the identity of the complainant will be disclosed to the opposite party for the investigation purpose, however, the HR director will take adequatemeasures to safeguard the complainantfrom the retaliation whether inside or outside the office.Lastly, all files containing the evidences will besecured under theHR director in the archives to make the best use of them at the right time(Itika, 2011)………………


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