Sensory Branding: Oreo in the Indian Context Case Solution

This Case is about EMERGING MARKETS

Sensory Branding Oreo in the Indian Context case solution

Long-lasting brands in a number of groups and FMCG have made affected the lifestyle and mindset of consumers. It is intriguing to notice that in a marketplace which has diversified culture across its geographic spread; several multinationals have made significant headway which are firmly related to the standard culture. Snacking is a habit among Indians that covers several forms of bites that are ethnic. Kurkure was successful with its marketing mix that contained an offering which appeared to be similar to a conventional ethnic bite and tasted same as well. It in this circumstance Oreo, the well-known American brand was launched by Cadbury in India. The brand competed with well known Indian brands of cream biscuits and was placed to bring young adults and kids. The survey results revealed the demand for a deeper investigation beyond a generic brand placement strategy. An evaluation of sensory branding facets, consumer understanding and attentive thought of various needs of consumers that shaped consumer understanding of brands in the group seemed to be the guidance that Oreo must pursue. How should Oreo use perceptual principles to reposition itself to support its success to be sustained by itself?

Sensory Branding: Oreo in the Indian Context Case Solution
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