Self-Branding Of Biomedical Engineering Consultant Case Solution & Answer

Self-Branding Of Biomedical Engineering Consultant Case Solution


The World health organization has found self-medication as one of the most common health system concerns among its member states. Trend of self-medication can lead towards an adverse effect and it can be even prove to be proved fatal. One of the most common consequences of self-medication is developing antibiotic resistance, as antibiotic is most commonly self-medicated medicine followed by NSAIDs, which is an inflammation reducing medicine often used for pain. “Antibiotics (59%), followed by NSAID’s (43.31%), and cough and cold medicines (13.9%) were the most widely self-medicated drugs” (dnyanesh Limaye1, 2017)Cough, cold and GI ailments like diarrhea hold top position in minor ailments and in many South Asian countries like India and Pakistan; self-medicate via antibiotics is a common practice in aforementioned medical conditions. In such countries, literacy rate is below average and affording healthcare is often challenging for underprivileged common civilians.

Antimicrobial resistance develops when antibiotics regimen is inappropriately followed or if any anti-therapeutic dose of an antibiotic is taken. As a result, the disease becomes difficult and hard to treat in the long run. For example, the my co-bacterium tuberculosis can’t be handled with one antibiotic anymore, also another example is MRSA which has become most common and most resistant staphylococcus. It has been an issue since the rate of resistance developing microbes have begun outpouring the rate antibiotics discovering/manufacturing in the market.Health scientists fear the situation where all the antibiotics might become ineffective against resistance based diseases, making it more difficult to save the lives of people.


In today’s competitive world; almost everyone has a hectic lifestyle and people want easy and quick solutions to every problem. In healthcare too; people are looking for tools and technologies that can decrease the time and cost of healthcare, while increasing their convenience. With it, if there is something that could add up to their health, becomes a winning product.

In such circumstances; I would be branding myself as an expert in manufacturing handy and portable lab-test kits. i.e., tests that layman can understand and do by himself at home. A kit that could help them diagnose their infection, specifically helping them differentiate between allergy, bacterial infection and worm-infested infections, at home. This will help in differentiating the minor infections like candida, vaginitis at the comfort of their home. My target audience would be some Asian countries where prescription-based rules are not that much strict, and a variety of medicines is available over the counter, making it easy for people to use antibiotics much easily. It was found that “the mean prevalence of SM practices in India was observed to be 53.57%” (Muhammed Rashid, 2020). This will help in preventing them from developing antibiotic resistance.

Another reason for targeting them is that many Asian countries most likely avoid their doctors’ visits and tend to self-medicate incorrectly, unless their conditions get worst. And even if they visit doctors; many of them don’t go for follow-ups due to low literacy and below-average wages.Many people don’t want additional expense surplus by doctor fee and that of their several lab tests and then revisit the doctor for lab test result-based follow ups. Plus, people in many Asian countries self-medicate based on alternative medicine. In this type of trend, a brand that could provide a reliable lab test kit could at least decrease some of their health-related cost and slow the rate of antibiotic resistance and increase their awareness about differentiation between bacterial infection and fungal infection.My brand will also suggest them to visit physician based on severity/intensity of their infection……………

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