Seagate Technology Buyout Case Solution

In March 2000, a group of private investors and executives have been negotiating an agreement to acquire the operations of the disk drive Seagate Technology. The motivating factor for the redemption value apparently the equity capital market abnormal Seagate Seagate was only a fraction of the value of its minority stake in Veritas Software Corp., a maker of software. The investor group had to decide how much to offer for the operating assets and how to finance the transaction. To further complicate the analysis was the fact that, unlike the traditional parameters of redemption, the target company was highly cyclical and volatile, and capital – intensive industry.
seagate technology buyout case solution

Gregor Andrade,
Todd Pulvino,
Stuart C. Gilson
Source: HBS Premier Case Collection
19 pages.
Date Posted: April 16, 2001. Prod #: 201063-PDF-ENG
Seagate Technology Solution Case Exclusive

Seagate Technology Buyout Case Solution
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