Saudi Health System Performance Case Solution & Answer

Saudi health system performance Case Solution

The Burden of Unsafe Medical Care


In underdeveloped countries, health care is a significant problem, poor medical care is a major problem for poor countries and talking about patients or health care is like a luxury for them. According to WHO, 5 patients die every minute because of poor or unsafe medical care.  A study by Harvard School of Public Health (A. K. Jha, 2013) reported that worldwide nearly 43 million individuals-get injured every year just because of unsafe medical care.Image below shows the result of the injuries sustained by the unsafe medical care.

In lower income or economically poor countries,adverse happenings due to unsafe medical care are major contributors to the global burden of diseases. Unsafe medical care is now becoming heated issue. The cases are still largely unknown in developing countries(WHO). The World Health Organization has taken a major role in refining the patient safety and providing safe medical care. The WHO has already started this work by introducing the “Surgical Safety Checklist”.Most efforts are done to increase the healthcare focus on increasing the care for diseases that are contagious, such as: HIV, and such contagious diseases contribute more to the increased death rate. The efforts have already begun by the researchers, for example: with increasing an access to the antiretroviral therapies for patients with HIV.

Risk Associated with Unsafe Medical Care

There are numerous major risks that are associated with unsafe medical care. Some of these major risks are mentioned below:

  • Faulty medications can harm a patient and could cost around $42 billion, annually.
  • The chances of contracting an infection from an unsafe medical care are about 7.6% in developed countries, and around 10% in under developed countries.
  • Unsafe surgical care techniques can cause severe complications. In a report published on unsafe surgical care; it was documented that approximately 25% of patients, which is almost 7 million surgical patients, suffer significant complications after surgery, annually, world-wide. Among those 7 million patients suffering; 1 million do not survive after the procedure.
  • Unsafe injections can transmit life-threatening infections, like: hepatitis B etc.
  • Erroneous diagnosis of diseases is a major risk. This happens around 5% in adults. Wrong diagnosis can lead towards life-threatening issues. Not being diagnosed correctly can lead to false medication, affecting an individual for lifetime and often becoming the reason the patient’s death.
  • Over exposure to radiation during the radiation therapy is also one of the major risks, caused by an unsafe medical care.
  • Unsafe blood transfusion practices are being followed. This exposes the patients receiving blood to the risk of infections being transmitted or any sort of adverse reaction.A study that collected data from 21 countries, documents that after every 100 000 blood transfusions; around 8.7% result in serious life-threatening infections.
  • Unsafe medical care can have disastrous consequences for the critical patients. The available evidence suggests that 15% of the hospital’s expenditure and activity is attributed to treating the safety failures in poor countries. Poor-quality care imposes the cost of US$ 1.4 trillion to 1.6 trillion every year, in economically poor countries. At the political level; the price of safety failure includes the loss of trust in the health systems, in governments and in social institutions. Overall, the sound and systematic implementation of patient engagement strategies and health literacy programs can reduce the aggregate harm by up to fifteen, which might constitute to a really good return on investment. Certain patient groups are more at the risk of safety incidents, including the elders, children, migrant populations, patients with chronic conditions and people in palliative care…………………..
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