Modu optimizing the product line Case Solution & Answer

Modu optimizing the product line Case Solution

Libris: Libris has one unique feature, which makes it different from others, and that is E-reader optimization. This device is optimized to transfer the files to and from the computer with digital keypad. Moreover, it was offering both touch screen and QWERTY keyboards.

X1: X1 was unique in terms of its design and video playback feature. It covered almost all features of road warrior however, it was relatively more expensive than other devices.

Silver lake: The unique features of Silver Lake were photo and video editing and it covered almost all features, which were provided by road warrior. This was the most interesting jacket as it included flash memory of 16 GB and USB card reader for additional storage with matrix LCD.

Figure 1 Case Data… jacket analysis

BASIX:Basix features bluetooth, and GPS technology with an added attribute of emailing, texting, and phone call.

VOLT:  Volt has almost same features like Silver Lake and BASIX. The aesthetic oriented consumerspreferred this feature relative to BASIX.

The highest revenue was generated from Road warrior and X1 (100% profit rate) followed by 66.67% on PWNED, Libris, and Volt. BASIX contributed to the50% and Contact and Silver Lake generated 42.86% profit on the invested amount.

Target market analysis

Young professionals:

The young professionals were taken into consideration by the management of the company. Most of them agreed that they possessed smartphones, and MP3 players. They owned different devices for different reasons and used technology as a symbol of status.

Moreover, following are the additional features, which they prefer in a smartphone.

Attributes preferred by Young professionals
QWERTY keyboard
Touch screen
Slim line form factor

Fashionable Youth:

The mean age of fashionable youth was 23 and 49% of the sample were female respondents. The majority of them responded that they owned MP3 players and more devices for the purpose of entertainment. They used technology to express their individuality. Their household income was on an average $43000. Moreover, below mentioned is the listing of the features, which are mostly preferred by fashionable youth………………..

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