Saint George Triangle: A Multi-party Simulation. Participant Guide Case Solution

This Case is about Family Enterprise

published: 05 Jan 2006

Developed for executives, MBAs, HR specialists, executive coaches and experts, the workout provides individuals with a collection of linked case research studies, considering that every choice made produces, in result, a brand-new case and brand-new situations. The simulation must be monitored by at minimum one Principal Facilitator with a deep understanding of group characteristics. It is recommended that the Principal Facilitator(s) ought to be aided by 2 or 3 various other Facilitators. Just like more standard case studies, the individuals are needed to believe in tactical means, and arrange on their own for competitive advantage. The individuals resolve a team-based decision-making procedure in a pressurized (however fairly “safe”) environment. Theory, reflection, knowledge, and action are all taken into the exact same activity, assisting individuals to internalize the ideas of team characteristics, interaction, settlement, problem resolution, authorization, power, impact, and authority.

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