Safe Water Network in India Case Solution

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PUBLICATION DATE: February 03, 2014 PRODUCT #: W13601-PDF-ENG
Safe Water Network in India case solution

Safe Water Network, a charity prospective emphasized on delivering underserved populations with clean drinking water, based its initial site in the village of Nizampally, India. This initiative was exceptional in several manner in its performance as well as methods in its concept.

Firstly, succeeding vigorous evaluation of the identified area, demand-driven options were customized to address the particular water-related problems of the area. Second, it was supported by leading Indian and international businesses who not only supplied financial support but also prolonged help when it comes to additional research, evaluation and technology. The project was essential active involvement and ownership and sustainable.

The third point was that the project was economically substantiative and wanted active involvement and ownership by the community that it served. Safe Water Network’s directors hope to enlarge and maintain the adoption of Safe Water project. Involvement and the obligation of the villagers was really heartening but would this excitement continue? Would the villagers see worth in this cost? Were there any obstacles to the adoption of the job?

Safe Water Network in India Case Solution
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