RU 486: The Handling by Roussel-Uclaf of a Double Ethical Dilemma (B) (French) Case Solution

This Case is about Europe

published: 05 Jan 2005

The (A) case emphasize the concerns that they had to think about in request to create the choice; specifically, possible ethical issues (consisting of the danger of dispute with executives and workers who dispute the involvement of the business on anything associated to abortion); an opportunity of wear and tear of the connection of Roussel-Uclaf with its moms and dad business Hoechst (of Germany), which resisted the item; and extreme public pressure followed by a hazard of a boycott that might produce crucial financial decreases. Part (C) explains the French knowledge with RU 486 and the probabilities of creating the item readily available global. It stresses the issues positioned by the feasible advertising of the item in the United States, where the abortion problem ranks initially in numerous political programs, and in the Third Globe, where the insufficiency of medical centers presents a major danger of abuse of the goods. The case set was mostly created for a training course on company principles; it positions the supervisor in a service scenario that challenges her or his basic worths, which might or could not contrast from the attractions of the company. Offered the range and intricacy of problems it increases (eg; handling stress from public viewpoint and stress in between the company and its moms and dad business and in between the company and its workers), the case might show to be an important pedagogical resource in a number of other administration courses, consisting of service policy, global organization, organizational behaviour, choice review and workers monitoring.

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